Top 5 streamers who might never return to Twitch

Top 5 streamers who might never return to Twitch

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Twitch streamers usually have contracts or sponsors to keep streaming on the platform. Sometimes, due to some partnership issues, embarrassing moments, scandal problems, or even personal problems, some streamers decide to quit streaming on Twitch and never return to the platform.


It has been one of the best streaming platforms for streamers over the past decade, with hundreds and thousands of people streaming on the platform every day. But some streamers have to quit it for controversial reasons.

In this article, we have listed down a few picks for the top 5 streamers who might never return to Twitch again.

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5 Streamers who Will Never Rejoin Twitch

1. Indiefoxx

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Indiefoxx was one of the most popular hot tub streamers before she was banned from the site last year while rivaling Amouranth at that time. People claim that her popularity on the platform leads to her downfall.

She used to post displaying raunchy content that people believed should not be allowed on the platform. Indiefoxx also called out Twitch for banning her she claimed she does not know what the real reason was for her ban.

2. IShowSpeed

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IShowSpeed has become one of the internet’s favorite creators as of late, becoming extremely popular for his outbursts of rage while playing video games. While on Adin Ross’s live stream, he made some aggressive derogatory comments towards another female guest, causing other streamers and most of the viewers to become uncomfortable.

IShowSpeed shared a tweet saying “bye” which had an image of the letter that he had received from Twitch, issuing a strike on his account.


3. JiDion

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JiDion was banned for making comments on Pokimane’s previous controversies as well as sending his fans to her stream to spam messages belittling her and her audience.

He was handed a 14-day ban from Twitch, being very intolerant towards this behavior. The 14-day ban evolved into a permanent ban later. However, after the ban, JiDion and Pokimane made amends and made some YouTube videos together to show that there is no bad blood between the two.

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4. DrDisrespect

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DrDisrespect is the most famous case of unexplained Twitch bans, as the famous streamer was banned from the site without an official statement being made. This left fans thoroughly confused, wondering why in the world the two-time champion would be removed so disgracefully from the site. While DrDisrespect has confirmed his ban, he has never disclosed any further information on the matter.


5. CouRage JD

courage jd
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On November 5, 2019, CouRage JD announced his switch from streaming on Twitch to YouTube. He explained the reason for it was to have “stability” and the “fear of being tied down just for a subscribe count button.”

He currently has 3.77 million YouTube subscribers with over 1.2K videos and a total of 613 million views. His Twitch account shows that he last live about 3 years ago, but his channel still has 2.1 million followers visible on his dashboard.

These are some of the most popular former Twitch streamers who will never return to the purple platform, having moved on to other platforms and thriving there.

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