Sykkuno doubts he gets much stronger after doing gym

sykkuno explained why he doubts that he gets much stronger after doing gym for 15 minutes on the first day.

Sykkuno doubts he gets much stronger after doing gym
Sykkuno doubts he gets much stronger after doing gym

The star streamer Thomas “Sykkuno” talked about his physique and gym experience in his most recent live stream. Both Valkyrae and Sykkuno are going gym together and Rae gets shocked looking at the streamers and said that he was “Actually jacked”.

Fans are waiting for knowing his streamer’s gains after visiting the gym and in reply streamer stated that “I doubt I got much stronger from that one.” Plying for almost half and day in front of a screen streamer also needs to maintain their physique and health.

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Sykkuno explained his gym experienced

Sykkuno doubts he gets much stronger after doing gym

The las vegas native streamer explained his experience in the gym in the most recent stream, and fans are also eagerly waiting to know about his gains after joining Gym in response Sykk replied by saying:

“Guys, I went to the gym one time for about 15 minutes and then got tired. I don’t think I’m going to have many gains from that.” then he told about his first day at the gym and how he only lasted 15 minutes at the gym and he continue talking about how someone says him it will take only 15 minutes to build muscles.

“I mean, I’m not an exercise expert but I, I was told it probably takes longer than that. Like, I went to the gym for about 15 minutes, so that’s cool, but yeah,” he said and continue “Yeah, but anybody can do that. I think probably for the average absolute degenerate gamer… I am probably slightly healthier than the average absolute degenerate gamer who plays Valorant 20 hours a day.”

However, after ending this conversation the ex-twitch streamer quoted that he is healthy now than any other average gamer and said “But, I mean, that’s a pretty low bar. I’m just saying. That’s a pretty low bar. So, yeah, I’m like, probably healthier than that, but it’s not like, I’m not like healthy, you know?.

Furthermore, fans have mixed reactions to this some of them appreciate him and some of them roasted him on this, after all this conversation he continue his stream and played various games on Youtube.

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