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Sykkuno tells Valkyrae “Only 48 hours”

This article talks about a recent stream Valkyrae had with Sykkuno. The gaming community had a different interpretation of what she told him

Valkyrae is known for doing a lot of streams with Sykkuno and recentlty they were discussing different topics related to streaming, when she told him that she plans to do a 48 hour stream. She is known for doing a lot of streams for charity and recently she had participated in Jacksepticeye’s Thankmas Charity Stream for building homes for the homeless in which she anonymously received a $200,000 dollar donation after which she was left speechless.


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What was the discussion between Valkyrae and Sykkuno?

Both of them were talking about her planned 48 hour stream with fellow streamer Miyoung. Valkyrae reminded him that it isn’t a small task when he said that she’d be streaming for “only 48 hours”. Sykkuno kept on making suggestions for her stream and the discussion that followed led them to talk about her recent $200,000 anonymous donation. He suggested that it couldn’t be a streamer and gave his reasons to which she agreed, but in the end the mystery donor is still unknown.


Many people in the gaming community misinterpreted the mention of the 48 hour stream as an indication that she was inviting him to stay the night over. This happened because many people suspect that the two streamers are dating but nothing has been confirmed yet. So all they can do is ship them together.

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When will her 48 hour stream be?

The popular streamer is going to turn 30 next year. She joked about it at the beginning of the stream saying that “I am turning 30, I don’t have the endurance that she (Miyoung) has”. It could be an indication that the streamer plans to do this 48 hour stream on or somewhere near her 30th birthday which should be coming soon

Sykkuno tells Valkyrae "Only 48 hours" 2

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