“Taking a little longer than I thought,” MrBeast claims his new upcoming video uses 12000 hours of footage, delays it to next Saturday

Everyone's wondering that what would be in a video that uses over 1 year worth of footage for.

“Taking a little longer than I thought,” MrBeast claims his new upcoming video uses 12000 hours of footage, delays it to next Saturday

(credits: @mrbeast on Instagram and X)

For years, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has dominated YouTube. His fame has also skyrocketed as a result of his passing PewDiePie to become the most subscribed individual-run YouTube channel. Furthermore, his quality content also comes from lots of dedication & devotion. Recently, the YouTuber made a video after burying himself underground for eight days! And now, Jimmy has delayed his next video, saying it has over 12000 hours of footage that needs processing!

MrBeast always strives to create content and shows great devotion to his viewers & fans. Moreover, this love & devotion has led to MrBeast’s videos breaking world records multiple times. Additionally, the Streamy Awards 2023 crowned Jimmy Creator of the Year twice in a row. It’s a no-brainer to say how far and wide-reaching MrBeast’s fame has become!


Also, MrBeast is currently in a race against T-Series to claim the top spot on YouTube, and it’s not been easy for him. However, the YouTuber is working very diligently towards the goal. Furthermore, to win that goal, the YouTuber has been releasing videos almost every week! This has really boosted Jimmy’s YouTube engagement, and he even reached 200 Million SUbscribers recently. However, it seems like MrBeast will not be releasing a video this week as he recently claimed that the next video is using 12000 hours of footage!

MrBeast delays his upcoming video, says the video uses 12000 hours of footage, fans react

MrBeast has been pumping in loads of content on his YouTube channel. Moreover, this has got his popularity through the charts. Quality content also comes with such widespread fame. Furthermore, the YouTuber also has many different separate channels, and his Philanthropy channel is really famous! Additionally, the pressure on Jimmy has exponentially increased after he broke the threshold of 200 Million subscribers.

"Taking a little longer than I thought," MrBeast claims his new upcoming video uses 12000 hours of footage, delays it to next Saturday
$10,000 Every Day You Survive In A Grocery Store (credits: MrBeast)

And to provide fans with genuine and great-quality content, MrBeast pours his everything into making videos. From wild concept videos and charity videos to content that always keeps fans engaged, fans can find all this in Jimmy’s videos. Moreover, he releases videos almost on a weekly basis. However, it seems like Jimmy has delayed the video scheduled for Saturday, 9th December, to the next Saturday.


MrBeast reached out to his fans on his X handle and said how the upcoming video uses 12000 hours of footage and has to be delayed due to the increased workload of compiling and editing the video. MrBeast said,

“No video today, it has over 12,000 hours of footage and is taking a little longer to edit than I thought haha! Next Saturday guaranteed!”

Fans were eagerly waiting for the video, and their reaction to this is really optimistic and somewhat hilarious:

The video might be released next Saturday, and fans are waiting for it. Moreover, everyone was eager to know what this video would be about, which took over a year’s worth of footage to edit and make. This would definitely be an internet-breaking moment!


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