“I’m a f*cking nobody”: Tensions rise as Mizkif and xQc trade blows over claims of toxicity and gatekeeping

“I’m a f*cking nobody”: Tensions rise as Mizkif and xQc trade blows over claims of toxicity and gatekeeping

xQc and Mizkif brought up many past incidents in their confrontation

Two of Twitch’s biggest streamers at the moment, xQc and Mizkif are currently locking horns after the former Overwatch pro made claims of toxicity and gatekeeping being fostered in the streaming space by Mizkif and his group of friends.

xQc had claimed that such behaviour is prevalent in “Austin streamers”, which the fans understood referred to Mizkif’s social circle, a sentiment shared by Macaiyla and Pokelawls, his on-stream guests.

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Mizkif and xQc lock horns over multiple past incidents

"I'm a f*cking nobody": Tensions rise as xQc and Mizkif trade blows over claims of toxicity and gatekeeping
The drama stems from a stream featuring xQc, Macaiyla and Pokelawls

All the drama started after a stream xQc had with Macaiyla and Pokelawls. On the stream, he accused the Austin streamers of being extremely toxic and that they “gatekeep” the streaming space. Although he didn’t name anyone, viewers understood he was talking about Miz and all his friends, who are also based in Austin. This sentiment was shared by his guests as well.

Hitting back at the claims, Mizkif sarcastically commented that the three are “known for having trustworthy friends” and that they understood the “social works of people”. Following this xQc brought up some incidents from the past when he said-

"True. We’re all lying at the same time. Like the time you wouldn’t let the girls pass you in viewers so you re-broadcasted their show against their will, then manipulated them against me when I defended them.”

He was referring to the time Mizkif co-streamed the Real Housewives of Twitch Podcast, which featured Adept, Macaiyla, Malena, QTCinderella and Miz’s girlfriend at that time, Maya. Miz addressed this, saying he knew it would boost his views but it would also introduce the girls, who had comparatively smaller audiences, to new viewers as well.

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Mizkif then went on to point out xQc’s hypocritical behaviour, asking him “Didn’t you do the same thing with Adin Ross when he had Andrew Tate on?”. He said that it was “interesting” how xQc had done the same thing even when Adin Ross didn’t say that he could co-stream their conversation, adding that he found it “weird” that “when I do it with my girlfriend it’s a problem when she didn’t give a shit.”

Miz didn’t stop there, digging up past antics as well, claiming that xQc had ditched the Creator Clash at the last minute to host a gambling stream, stating that the event had been for charity, and would’ve been greatly helped by him being a part of it. Mizkif said xQc’s actions were worse than his, claiming-

"Three years ago, I watched Maya’s podcast. But I didn’t ditch a charity."

Mizkif said how everyone was scared to call out xQc for his behaviour due to his “number one” position in the streaming space. He even tried calling him to hash out the issues but his call went unanswered.

xQc replied to all these accusations on his stream, stating he hates how people expect him to be the person to set an example for others owing to his fame, claiming he has never cared about it and will continue doing what he feels like.

xQc exclaimed “I’m a fucking nobody, bro. Why am I worth more points because I have more viewers or whatever?”. He also admitted to some “a**hole moves” by him in the past, but said at least he is open about such behaviour. The streamer closed out this rant by saying he’d rather stay alone than be around “friends” who secretly hold such grudges.

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