The Game Awards: Black Myth: Wukong announced, set to launch in 2024

Black Myth: Wukong was revealed at the Game Awards 2023 by Game Science. Find out the details of the game along with the release dates.

The Game Awards: Black Myth: Wukong announced, set to launch in 2024

Black Myth Wukong (Image via: Open source)

The Game Awards 2023 are on the way, and it’s just not all nominees and trophies. Much awaited, Black Myth: Wukong, which has been in the making for years, was updated at the Game Awards. Notably, this is a bonus at the event, as they posted the trailer on Twitter along with the release dates.


During the Game Awards, the trailer unveiled a stunningly realized world. Filled with vast landscapes, enigmatic creatures, and, of course, epic boss fights.

The protagonist, a monkey dubbed “The Destined One” modeled after Sun Wukong, is also shown in action. The initial trailer for Black Myth: Wukong was released three years ago. However, after much patience, Game Science, the developer, has released a new update on the game’s development. 

Game Science hosted a massive hands-on event for Black Myth: Wukong in Hangzhou, China. Over a thousand players nationwide played this much-anticipated action RPG’s most recent beta version.


When will Black Myth be Released?

Game Science, a Chinese developer, is set to release Black Myth: Wukong on August 20, 2024. An action role-playing game inspired by the classic Journey to the West, a 16th-century Chinese tale.

BLack Myth WuKong Lead
image via Game Science

To combat a variety of foes, the player takes control of a monkey modeled after Sun Wukong, known as “the Destined One” (天命人) in the game. Additionally, the player can change into a giant monster or a flying insect. As the trailer shows, the lead role is destined for something he has yet to discover and has a big journey ahead of him.

Where Can You Wishlist?

The tweet also reads that the game is available on Wishlist on platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store—a world undiscovered, where every step brings out new views. Discover the wonders and discoveries of ancient Chinese mythology in this enthralling environment.

Black Myth: WuKong’s original trailer pledged not to let the frenzy get to their heads and to concentrate on creating a good game. Even though it was pretty successful and brought attention to game science, the Open World looks one of a kind and attracts one’s attention instantly with its creative potential. Stay tuned for the latest updates and more.


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