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GTA 6 will be having a playable female protagonist

A female protagonist for Grand Theft Auto VI has been speculated. However, that wasn’t the first time in the franchise so checkout the complete article to know more about the latest updates.

The next instalment of the franchise will be lead by a Latina lady who is a member of a band of bank robbers who are inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who has a reputation for breaking important gaming scoops throughout the years.

The principal female character in GTA VI will be the first to have a distinct personality, even though other top-down games included selectable female protagonists before this one.

GTA 6 will be having a playable female protagonist 2

According to reports, the next game will have more interior settings than any other title in the series and will be set in a fictionalised version of Miami. In post-release updates, more cities are reportedly coming, reducing the need for overtime among Rockstar Studios employees.

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Other major changes in the GTA franchise

Rockstar games made an announcement related to GTA

There have been other changes at the developer as well. Following the elimination of offensive jokes in the current-gen re-releases of GTA V, the writing for the newest GTA supposedly won’t make disparaging references to minority groups due to the evolving social and political context.

As a result of the organisational culture adjustments made in the wake of the 2018 workplace climate scandal, the publication claims that “morale has never been higher.”

However, it appears that the creation of GTA VI is taking longer than anticipated, in part because of difficulties in establishing the game’s tone given the complexity of today’s world in satire.

While some people interviewed by Bloomberg believe that GTA VI will be released within two years, others aren’t so sure. Rockstar itself recently stated that work on the game was ramping up, to the detriment of Red Dead Online.

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