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TimTheTatMan makes a Streamer cry by giving him over 1000 Subs on Twitch

TimTheTatMan recently got a 17 year old kid to have over 1400 subs on twitch and here's how!

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TimTheTatMan, one of the biggest variety streamers in the world, recently gave away about one thousand subs to a 17 year old warzone streamer.


The streamer was at a loss for words and got so emotional by seeing the support that he simply couldn’t hold back his tears and started crying on his stream itself.

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TimTheTatMan gives away 1000 subs to a 17 year old

Timothy John Betar, better known by his alias, TimTheTatMan, is one of the biggest variety streamers and has had a huge sphere of influence since a long time.


He also recently made the shift from Twitch to exclusively streaming on YouTube gaming where he has almost caught up to the number of followers he had on twitch. His YouTube channel boasts a sub count of about 5 million while his Twitch account used to have 7 Million.

In one of his more recent streams, Tim was recommended to watch a highlight of a kid who goes by the name of Feegoe on Twitch. Feegoe in particular caught his attention because of his world record where he hit 70 kills in a Solo-Quads on rebirth Island.

Feegoe’s reaction after seeing Tim call the TatManArmy to send over their prime subs to him

As Tim watched the highlights, he was nothing short of surprised and impressed that a mere 17 year old was able to perform such a feat in such an impressive manner.

Wanting to look at more of the kid’s content, Tim headed over to Feegoe‘s Twitch channel where he happened to catch him broadcasting live. As soon as Feegoe took notice of the big change in his numners, he was ecstatic and over the moon.

His viewership had gone from under a hundred viewers to over 10,000 in a matter of minutes and if that was not all, Tim tried to donate subs to the kid but unfortunately, his card got declined.

This is when TimTheTatMan made the appeal to his viewers that if they had a twitch prime sub laying around or one that they had been saving, they should use it on this kid as he was someone who truly deserved it.


“A lot of you might be from Twitch, and a lot of you might have extra Prime subs. Let’s see. Hey, if you’ve got a Prime sub, use it on this kid bro,” He said as he made the request.

Surprisingly enough, over a thousand prime subs came in clutch for the young talent and took his numbers from below 200 subs to over 1400 in a matter of minutes making the streamer cry tears of joy!

We would honestly not be surprised if Feegoe grew up to be an amazing content creator with the kind of potential that he has been showing in his games as of late and now, with him being under the attention of someone as huge as TimTheTatMan, it is only going to get better for him.

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