Toast defends Poki after someone calls her cringe in his chat.

Toast in a recent livestream while playing Among Us banned one of his viewers after they called Pokimane 'cringe'. Read all about it!

Disguised Toast and Pokimane
Disguised Toast and Pokimane

Disguised Toast, known for his Among Us streams with his other friends such as Sykkuno, Corpse, Valkyrae, among others and has become one of the biggest streamers Twitch has seen.

In a recent stream, he was seen permanently banning one of his viewers for calling Pokimane “cringe” after saying that she was one of the sweetest people he had met.

Disguised Toast defends Pokimane on stream

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is known for streaming multiple games on the amazon owned streaming website, Twitch where he mostly streams multiplayer games such as Among Us and Rust. He also led the North American Team in the Twitch Rivals Rust Battle. The event unfortunately had to end abruptly after allegations of disrespect were thrown around by their South American counterparts.

Disguised Toast almost got banned again
Disguised Toast

Wang along with his friends was seen playing Among Us in a recent stream where he was accompanied by names such as Sykkuno, Valkyrae, CORPSE, LilyPichu, Pokimane, and more.

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While the gang was getting ready to start the game and waiting for everyone else to join in including Pokimane, someone in Toast’s chat called her cringe which triggered a reaction from the streamer.

disguised toast
Disguised Toast bans a viewer over calling Pokimane Cringe

“Chat I swear to God if you insult Poki or say anything negative about her I will have you permanently banned. Someone called her cringe and I am going to ban you” He then proceeded to find the message which called his friend cringe and banned the person on stream itself.

He went up into the chat and found the person who had passed the comment and proceeded to place a ban on them for an undisclosed amount of time.

image 5 - FirstSportz
Toast on the stream when he banned the viewer

Toast seemed actually pissed that someone had insulted his friend just like anyone of us would be and proceeded to say

“Guys, we don’t insult people, unless I insult them, in which case you can insult them”

This act of friendship went a long way to show how much Toast truly cares about his friends and would not take any kind of disrespect against them.

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