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Top 3 ways to get free NC in PUBG New State

NC is an in game currency for PUBG New State. This article has mentioned some of the best ways to get free NC in the game.

Best ways to get free NC in the game

Just like PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton’s latest entrant into the battle royale genre, PUBG New State has some items in the game that needs to be purchased with real money or NC. Here are some ways to get free NC in PUBG New State.

PUBG New State’s arrival had broke the internet as the game accumulated record revenues within a few days of its release. The developers were conscious to add some advanced rewards, living true to the futuristic nature of the game. While some items can be bought for free with chicken medals and BC, some exclusive rewards need to be bought with NC. Due to the high cost of NC, players are ought to find ways to get free NC in PUBG New State.

3 best ways to get free NC in PUBG New State

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

The primary method to get free NC is by downloading the Google Opinion Rewards application. It is basically a survey app which allows users to participate in different surveys and earn google play credits in exchange for them The credits can further be used for acquiring NC.

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2) Redeem Codes

The easiest way to get free NC in PUBG New State is using the redeem codes of the game. Players were enthralled to see the redemption centre which can give free rewards by using codes. Even though, the developers release codes for free crate tickets on a regular basis, players can keep a track on content creators who give away codes for free NC.

3) GPT Websites

SwagBucks is a popular GPT website

GPT or Get Paid To websites are very famous as they pay their users who complete their given tasks such as completing a survey or playing games. Users will be paid through different methods such as PayPal or Google credit points which can later be used to purchase free NC in PUBG New State.

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