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Top 5 best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile released in 2021

Tencent released a plethora of weapon skins for the players this year, however, some of them stood out. This article mentions some of the best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile in 2021.

Best PUBG Mobile weapon skins (2021)

The year gone by, gaming enthusiasts will find out that Tencent has released a plethora of weapon skins, some of which can be upgraded to further levels whereas some only increase the outward appearance. This article discusses best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile that was released in 2021.

Skins and accessories enhance the appearance of the otherwise dull looking weapons. As a result, the developers keep on adding to the collection of weapon skins in the shops or lucky spins. PUBG Mobile had released some awesome weapon skins, some of which can still be found in crates whereas others were only available for a limited period of time. Let us now take a look at the best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile that were made accessible this year.

Best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile (2021)

5) Gold Pirate AKM

Gold Pirate AKM

The gold version of Seven Seas AKM was released in a Lucky Spin in the month of August this year. Players were able to upgrade the weapon skin into its gold version by spending star fragments and Midas touch. The skin looked more like a pirate version of AKM and prominent YouTubers spent over 1000 of UC to obtain the skin.

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4) Icicle Mini 14

Icicle Mini 14

The perfect weapon skin for entering the battlegrounds in the winter season. The Icicle Mini 14 skin was released in the month of January in a lucky spin. A weapon skin for DMR is rarely introduced in PUBG Mobile, therefore, the skin became immensely popular upon its release.

3) Moonlit Grace Kar98

One of the best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile released for a sniper this year was Moonlit Grace. The skin goes by its name and looks very elegant. Upon the upgradation of the weapon, players can find a loot box matching o the weapon’s skin. Many players considered the skin to be the most beautiful skin ever released.

2) Hextech Crystal Scar-L

Hextech Scar-L

PUBG Mobile had collaborated with League of Legends’ Arcane series to introduce a themed game mode, royal pass and events. In addition to that, the Hextech Crystal Scar-L that was released recently awe-inspired by the fans. The golden blue finish of the weapon attracted every player to draw the lucky spin.

1) Godzilla AWM

Godzilla AWM

Another best weapon skins in PUBG Mobile released this year is the Godzilla skin of sniper AWM. The AWM sniper is one of the most coveted item in the game and its weapon skin adds fuel to the excitement of the players. The Godzilla AWM was released amidst the ongoing collaboration of PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs Kong.

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