Top 5 Survival Seeds in Minecraft for 2022!

Learn more about the best survival seeds to try out in Minecraft!

Top 5 Survival Seeds in Minecraft for 2022!

Survival Seeds in Minecraft

Minecraft has several features that make it stand out from other games and being a sand-box is one of them. One of the main aspects of this game is survival and here we take a look at the 5 best Survival Seeds in Minecraft so that players can have a great start.

Survival is one of the core gameplay mechanics in Minecraft. The sand box game throws the player in a open world where they have to use any means to survive and thrive. The Survival mode is mostly prevalent in the Hardcore run-throughs and it is very enjoyable to immerse yourself in the wilderness and face challenges.

Here are the top 5 Survival Seeds in Minecraft for a challenge.

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5 best Survival seeds in Minecraft

Diamond Start!

Survival Seeds in Minecraft
Survival Seeds in Minecraft; Diamond

Seed: -7723232821704547830

The main goal for many players in a Survival mode is to become invincible against the world. A first step towards this are diamonds and the tools and armor made by them. This seed will guarantee the players some great spots for diamonds. Players can find them down in the holes in the ground the lead to cave systems.

Shipwreck and Sand island

Survival Seeds in Minecraft

Seed: -9142863513851137753

Adventure awaits for the players in this seed and for those who seek a risky start. This seed will spawn the player in a lonely island with only a few sand blocks comprising it. Beside it players can find a Shipwreck from where players can get some great loot to start off. For risk takers this is a solid start to your adventure!

Village and ravine

Survival Seeds in Minecraft
Ravine Village

Seed: 105899026

This one is for the players who like abundant resources right from the beginning also with a layer of protection on top. This scenic location is a village that rests on the edge of a sinking ravine and has many villagers. It also contains a blacksmith house for the players to trade and also get some great loot from.

Lush Caves

Survival Seeds in Minecraft
Lush Caves

Seed: -6002410844389446864

For the players who are looking to start their Survival game with some features of The Caves and Cliffs update can look forward to this seed. The spawn point sets the player on a meadow that rests directly above a sprawling Lush Caves biome. This will contains Dripleaves, Azalea leaves and also moss and lakes.

Mooshroom Island

YouTube: BlueJayJensen

Seed: 7749012223532925400

This is a notable biome to spawn in as they are very rare to come across normally. The Mooshroom biome has mushroom trees and barren lands and also the Mooshroom mobs. This may seem like a boring start, but players must remember that no hostile mobs spawn in this biome making it a relatively safe spawn!

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