“This is the beginning,” TrainwrecksTV announced Kick.com Creator Program, pledging fair pay rates to streamers of all sizes

TrainwrecksTV has been working for the benefit of smaller streamers with Kick.com.

“This is the beginning,” TrainwrecksTV announced Kick.com Creator Program, pledging fair pay rates to streamers of all sizes

TrainwrecksTV (Image via Firstsportz)

TrainwrecksTV has been working towards the benefit of smaller and mid-sized streamers since his association with Kick.com. Now, in a recent Twitlonger, the popular gambling streamer announced the Kick.com Creator Program. With this program, TrainwrecksTV aspires to give better pay rates to all streamers regardless of their size. He promised that with this program, streamers would be paid based on the hours they stream, something that is lacking on Twitch.

In the Twitlonger, TrainwrecksTV explained that Twitch was not the best site for smaller streamers. It offers better benefits for partnered streamers who already have an established community. However, Kick.com would be changing this with its Creator Program. With this program, Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” announced “financial security for all streamers of all sizes.”


Speaking of the Creator Program on Kick.com, TrainwrecksTV explained that most streaming platforms are more user-friendly for bigger streamers, but smaller streamers do not receive enough pay compared to the number of hours they put in.

“Small to middle-sized creators have few paid opportunities on Twitch and are expected to get by on their unfair subscription revenue split and meager ad programs.”

However, he said that with Kick.com’s Creator Program, this will change. This is because the platform will pay its creators based on the hours they stream instead of the size of their community. This naturally seems to be a step in the right direction for smaller streamers with smaller communities.


After his very public fallout with Twitch, TrainwrecksTV shifted his attention to Kick.com, which he has promoted as one of the best streaming platforms for smaller streamers. The popular streamer believes that the platform could give other platforms like Twitch and YouTube a run for its money with its creator-friendly features like 95-5 revenue split, 100% on-site non-third party donations, and now the Creator Program, among others.

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How will TrainwrecksTV’s Kick.com Creator Program work?

TrainwrecksTV (Image via Trainwreckstv/Twitch)

Since his fallout with Twitch, Train has been working for the benefit of smaller streamers. In his role as advisor for Kick.com, he aims to do just that, and has already announced many creator-friendly policies on the platform. For instance, Kick.com provides its creators with a 95-5 revenue split, as opposed to Twitch’s 50-50 divide.


In the Twitlonger, Train explained that the Creator Program was one of its kind and no other platform had ever attempted it. The program exists in addition to the other benefits that the platform provides, making it very lucrative for smaller streamers.

“As a creator on Kick, you’ll get paid for ads when they’re available, you’ll get paid 95% of your subscriber revenue, 100% of on-site non-third-party donations, and you’ll get the Creator Program.”

Train was also very clear as to how the platform would fund this program. He stated that instead of acquiring larger streamers for the platform, Kick would focus its funds on streamers of all sizes. Therefore, they would use the funds allocated for acquiring bigger streamers to sponsor the Creator Program instead.


So far, the pay rate and application date for the Kick.com Creator Program is not public yet, but the community can expect more details soon.

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