“That motherf**ker is going to blow up”: TrainwrecksTV promises to bring a ‘game-changer’ streaming platform

“That motherf**ker is going to blow up”: TrainwrecksTV promises to bring a ‘game-changer’ streaming platform

Trainwreckstv is a man with vision

Tyler Niknam, known as ‘TrainwrecksTV’ to the streaming industry, does not wish to settle at one place ever since Twitch banned gambling. After announcing his plan to make an alternate platform, he has now provided more details on his own streaming arena which according to him will ‘revolutionize streaming’.


On his October 24th livestream, the most prominent gambling streamer had a lot to inform to his audience. From describing that the gambling ban had nothing to do with gambling to share his plans on a DOTA 2 team, he also shed some light on his streaming platform.

“One feature I’ve in mind, that this feature alone, when I announce it on Twitter, whenever that is, whether that’s the 1st of November or 2nd week of November or 1st week of November, that alone is going to like revolutionize streaming”, stated TrainwrecksTV.

He later described that it doesn’t matter whether people love or him or hate him, he firmly believes that, “that (his streaming platform) motherf**ker is going to blow up”. TrainwrecksTV also declared that he is very excited to announce his new platform as he will be able to put a rest to all the doubts raised by people against him.


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Trainwreckstv’s platform for ‘small creators’ might be announced soon

"That motherf**ker is going to blow up": Trainwreckstv promises to bring a 'game-changer' streaming platform
Tyler ‘Trainwreckstv’ Niknam

A couple of days ago, the streamer took to Twitter to announce that his alternate platform to perhaps challenge ‘Twitch’ will prioritize small-time streamers as they will be provide a contract first followed by major creators as he thinks that the small-time content creators are the backbone of this industry.

During that time, he didn’t provide any launch date or a plan for his announcement but now the streamer seems quite confident to give details on the platform next month. An exact date was not announced by him, but he believed that the Twitter announcement could come sometime around ‘late November or early December.’

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While gambling might certainly be an issue for this platform change announcement, the streamer has highlighted some major drawbacks of Twitch in the past, even criticizing the TwitchCon 2022 event stating that it is an event for a ‘circle of jerks.’ However, he also doesn’t plan to sign an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming, which leaves his to his own platform.

Viewers believe Trainwreckstv will fuel his gambling addictions

Reddit users were quick to share their advice with TrainwrecksTV, stating that the platform might not work if it’s just another livestreaming platform, indicating that he needs to remove some broadcasting restrictions which are prevalent in other sites such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming or the now obsolete Mixer.

Others totally blew up his idea claiming that he just needs to fuel his gambling addictions, which is the sole reason he is creating another platform.

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