“I will leave this platform” – Another Big Streamer Threatens to Leave Twitch As Platform Starts to Unravel

Jeremy "Jerma985" Elbertson is the latest in a long line of Twitch streamers who are threatening to leave the platform. Read below to know more.

“I will leave this platform” - Another Big Streamer Threatens to Leave Twitch As Platform Starts to Unravel
Another streamer Could leave the Streaming Platform after new change introduced by Twitch

Between the widespread condemnation of many of its most popular creators and the denial of the idea that streamers will get a bigger share of revenue in the near future, Twitch hasn’t had a great week. With creators announcing that they will be moving away from premium deals in 2023.

After Twitch seems to be adopting a more ad-rich monetization strategy, it hasn’t delivered much in terms of improving relationships with content creators. Some streamers weren’t too happy with that, to say the least, and now one of Twitch’s biggest stars is considering leaving the platform along with some other notable streamers as well.

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Twitch Streamer Jerma985 Will Leave Twitch if He’s Forced to Run Ads

“I will leave this platform” - Another Big Streamer Threatens to Leave Twitch As Platform Starts to Unravel
The lights could be shutting down at Twitch

Popular streamer Jeremy “Jerma985” Elbertson, also known as Jerma, provided his thoughts on Twitch’s recent changes to its affiliate payment system. On his livestream two days ago, Jerma asked viewers if they were aware of the platform’s decision to change revenue sharing and add promotions incentives for content creators for running ads.

The 36-year-old has since said he will not advertise on his channel, claiming he will quit Twitch if he is forced to do so. Twitch’s president Dan Clancy revealed the upcoming changes planned. He announced that the platform would abandon the 70/30 split between platform and streamers in favor of a new 50/50 subscription revenue system. The new system will come into effect from June 1, 2023.

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Jerma said in his recent livestream, “I’m sure probably, some of you saw that the news of Twitch is changing how they monetizing partners. Let me just be very clear, I ain’t f***ing running ads! It’s just not happening. So, we’ll see how that plays out.” Jerma has reviewed pre-roll ads and said he has no control over them. However, he claimed he could control other commercials that run during the show, and they will not run under him.

Jerma also went on to explain why he won’t run ads, saying, “I mean, I obviously have opinions on it, and being one of the major ones is, I don’t want to be forced to run ads. Because in my mind, a ton of people are already paying, essentially a premium to the stream. So, I don’t, ‘Oh yeah! Thanks for your, essentially, Netflix-like subscription. Here’s a s**t load of ads, everyday! I don’t want to do that. So I’m not going to.”

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Twitch isn’t just facing a problem from Jerma, it’s what he is representing. A successful and innovative streamer, he may not be a mainstream name, but he’s carving out an audience that doesn’t care what platform he streams on. That’s what Jerma stands for. His audience will follow him elsewhere. His biggest strength on Twitch for attracting creators is the ease with which new and diverse streamers can be noticed and gain an audience. However, the platform drains innovative creators who have used the platform for this purpose. And if those viewers keep moving away, big problems lie ahead for Twitch.

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