Twitch sensation Amouranth becomes the ‘brand advisor’ for an adult NFT website

Amouranth recently announced that she has partnered up with Shush Club, an adult NFT Marketplace. This comes days after her gas station investment.

Twitch sensation Amouranth becomes the 'brand advisor' for an adult NFT website
Amouranth is now the brand advisor for Shush Club
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Considering the ever expanding popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, various organizations or celebrities have joined this network. The latest celebrity to join this industry is none other than Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, also known as the hot tub streamer.

With over 5.5 million followers on Amazon’s Twitch, Amouranth comes second after Pokimane in terms of popularity. Although in the recent years she has been successfully able to take over Pokimane, the 28 year old streamer now seems to be more engaged in her business ventures rather than livestreaming.

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Amouranth partners up with Shush Club following a gas station investment

Twitch sensation Amouranth becomes the 'brand advisor' for an adult NFT website
Hot tub streamer Amouranth

Amouranth, known mostly for her adult content streaming has often drawn in controversies due to her outspoken personality. Despite being a constant subject of trolls, the streamer has only moved forward in aspects of popularity and earning. While she had revealed her plans to stop her ‘OnlyFans’ content altogether, her recent move of inking a partnership with an adult NFT website only raises more eyebrows.

The streamer’s community recently saw the ‘businesswoman’ side of Kaitlyn aside from her occasional ASMR content as she invested millions in purchasing a gas station as well as a pool toy company. Surprisingly, her constant investment in different platforms or companies is something she boasts of as she recently revealed how much investment she had made in the recent months.

In less than 48 hours after purchasing a gas station company, Amouranth announced that she is now a part of Shush Club which left her fans in awe. As per the announcement made on Twitter, she has become the advisor for their development team and according to her, Shush Club can be a “total game changer”.

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For someone who embraces the adult content she uploads, Shush Club has just become a competitor for OnlyFans as it allows ‘e-girls’ to get paid for the content they post and claim instant payouts in a secured network. The website describes itself as-

“Shush Club offers a blockchain-powered alternative to contemporary content platforms and empowers creators and fans alike by providing access to profitable marketing and investment opportunities in a space that is secure, efficient, and fair for all”.
Twitch sensation Amouranth becomes the 'brand advisor' for an adult NFT website
Kaitlyn Siragusa

Amouranth’s recent partnership only shows that she is not planning to leave the adult industry anytime soon which had became a trending question in her community. On the flip side, these ventures could be her plans to fund for the anime convention that she plans to hold soon.

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