Twitch streamer Forsen has officially shattered xQc’s speedrunning record in Minecraft

Twitch streamer Forsen has officially shattered xQc’s speedrunning record in Minecraft

(credits: @xqcow1 on Instagram)

There are a lot of fun things players can do in video games. Moreover, over the course of a few years, speedrunning has become really popular among content creators and streamers. Additionally, there are many games that have really impressive speedrun records. Moreover, one of the most popular games for speedrunning is Minecraft. And recently, the famous Twitch streamer Forsen has officially broken xQc’s speedrun record in Minecraft!

Speedrunning has become a really popular activity in the gaming community. “Speedrunning” is essentially completing a game, at least the main story, in the least amount of time. Furthermore, speedrunning has slowly turned into a competition for content creators and streamers in the gaming community. Many streamers are always in a rivalry to compete with others by achieving the least completion time for games.


Moreover, xQc has a lot of speedrun records across many different games. However, his Minecraft speedrun record is something to be in awe of. But after a lot of hard work, Forsen has pulled one over xQc and achieved a lesser completion time than him!

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Forsen beats xQc’s 16 mins 38 seconds Minecraft speedrun record

Twitch streamer Forsen had held the title for having the best speedrun record in Minecraft since forever. However, in May 2023, famous streamer xQc did something unbelievable. After putting all his blood, sweat, and tears into it, it took xQc 6 minutes and 38 seconds to defeat the Ender Dragon. This thus became the best speedrun record of Minecraft, and he snatched the speedrun title from Forsen.

Twitch streamer Forsen has officially shattered xQc's speedrunning record in Minecraft
(credits: xQc clips)

However, Forsen has once again claimed the title back. Moreover, the Twitch streamer completed the Speedrun in 15 mins 28 seconds, a minute, and 10 seconds less than xQc!

Forsen’s plan involves utilizing stacked beds to explode and cause serious harm to the Ender Dragon. He turned to using an iron axe to attack the dragon till it died as his supply of beds ran out. Forsen celebrated his success with a measured retreat to the main menu, showing his commitment and work! This new record has left fans stunned!

Speedrun records can be really hard. Furthermore, as soon as any new game comes out, the gaming community devises all sorts of plans to beat the game in record time. However, only a few succeed with that. Moreover, Forsen claiming the crown back from xQc shows how much effort the Twitch streamer has put into this for the span of 5 months!


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