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Twitch Streamer Pinkie gets banned over “testing new policies” with a week full of bikini streams

itsPinkie gets hit by the ban hammer for a second time and here's all you need to know about it!

Twitch streamer Pinkie, also known as itspinkie on the platform, recently got a ban over wearing bikinis on her streams which she claims she was doing to test the “new twitch policies”.

Pinkie has received bans in the past for “queefing” on stream in the past. The ban period both these times are 3 days.

Pinkie gets a ban over testing Twitch’s “new policy”

Twitch has had a very strict set of rules that they need their broadcasters to abide by and failure in doing so results in different punishments based on the severity of the disobedience.

One particular moral gray area for Twitch turned up however in the form of hot tub streams last year, i.e. 2021 where twitch seemingly allowed the broadcasters to wear swimwear on stream only when at a pool, beach, or a hot tub.

Twitch Streamer Pinkie gets banned over "testing new policies" with a week full of bikini streams 2

The streams turned out to be so popular that twitch even introduced it as an official category on their platform as ” Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches”. Subsequently, many broadcasters also got bans when they would wear swimwear on their streams if not at a Beach, pool or in a hot tub making people wonder where the thin line was for twitch.

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This is exactly what Pinkie wanted to put to the trial when May started. She announced she’d be doing a week worth of Bikini Streams and it was halfway during this week when she got her ban.

While Pinkie revealed she had only been banned for a period of 3 days, this isn’t the first time she has been banned from the platform. She had initially been banned for the first time due to “queefing” on stream which had also landed her a 3 day ban on the platform.

Now it is unclear which policy Pinkie was trying to test exactly as Twitch has not come up with any new policies regarding bikini streams in the recent past but a few users speculate it might be possible she was “showing too much” on stream which may have violated twitch’s nudity and sexually suggestive content guidelines.

Either way, Pinkie is off the platform for a mere 3 days and she doesn’t seem to be affected much by it so it’s good for her.

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