Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane parts ways with content creator group OfflineTV for a big mystery project

Pokimane has now become part of the "& Friends" part of "OflineTV & Friends."

Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane parts ways with content creator group OfflineTV for a big mystery project

Pokimane, the most followed female Streamer on Twitch, has decided to part ways with an iconic creator group called OfflineTV. The news has been officially recognized by both OfflineTV and Pokimane. The Canadian streamer was one of the founding members of OfflineTV. Pokimane became the first to graduate from OfflineTV as a creator that has been part of the organization since 2017. She has also promised to keep in touch with her former members and friends serving as one of the important parts of the organization.

Pokimane is among the most-watched streamers on the internet. She has become an icon and inspiration for women around the globe for those who wish to start streaming games for a living. Given her departure from OfflineTV, the move has been welcomed. Her fans have wished her good luck with new ventures that await her in her career. And it has also raised questions about why the streamer decided to leave the organization.


After a short break, Pokimane has been in the news again recently, as she donated $10k to small streamers. This was her way of celebrating her birthday by showering money on small-time streamers on Twitch.

She is well known for such acts of kindness among the streaming community. However, her recent video shows her reacting to the ‘Thank you’ video that OTV put up for the Moroccan streamer. WHile the streamer was left in tears, she clarified that she was not going to be parting ways with the organization completely, claiming that now she would be part of the “& Friends” part of “OfflineTV & Friends.”

Pokimane (source: YouTube.com)

Pokimane’s departure from OfflineTV has left many of her fans quite sad, but they all took the opportunity to wish her luck for her future endeavors.


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The reason behind Pokimane’s OTV exit

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Pokimane’s OTV exit (image credit: YouTube.com)

In response to people asking the reason for her leaving the OTV, Pokimane has released a YT video for the same. She claims that working as a full-time member for OTV and doing her own thing on Twitch would be extremely hard for her to handle. Working her way around her schedule does not work in sync with her.

The group, which was founded by Scarra, Chris Chan, and Imane, has constantly released work over the years with Pokimane serving as one of its most important contributors to her work and content creation.


In one of their statements, OTV said,

“OTV is a big time commitment for everyone involved – “after being here for almost six years and seeing that the organization is in a good spot, she has decided to step away from her position as a full-time member and focus on the next chapter of her life & career.” And further went to clear the air regarding her place in OTV and collaboration with the organization by saying, “Everything will remain the same – We’ll do our best to create entertaining content and experiences for you all and keep working to improve it at the same time. We will miss having Poki around as much, but this is definitely not the last you will see of her!”

It would be interesting to see what Pokimane has in her bag for her new mystery project. With exiting the organization where she started her career and grew out to be one of the most followed internet celebs. This certainly comes as a surprise. Fans will have to keep an eye out for the next move by Pokimane.


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