Valkyrae becomes the co-star of Mark Wahlberg for upcoming movie ‘The Family Plan’

Valkyrae has added another feather to her cap with a Hollywood movie.

Valkyrae becomes the co-star of Mark Wahlberg for upcoming movie ‘The Family Plan’

Image Credits: Valkyrae/ Twitter

YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has announced her role in an upcoming movie called ‘The Family Plan’. The movie features none other than the American actor Mark Wahlberg. The huge surprise dropped by Rae has left her fans gasping for air.


In her primary Twitter account, she posted two pictures where she and  iiTzTimmy are posing with Mark Wahlberg. Rae informed her fans about her upcoming project, adding further that they have almost wrapped filming for the movie.

Mark Wahlberg is a lead actor known his for comic and action roles. He has appeared in multiple movies which have even received critical acclamation. As for his upcoming movie, The Family Plan brings both comedy and action to the audience with some notable stars on board such as Michelle Monaghan.

Valkyrae has not yet announced the role she is going to play in the movie. Moreover, The Family Plan directed by Simon Cellan Jones is currently without a release date, so fans should wait for further updates from the stars.


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iiTzTimmy to join Valkyrae for ‘The Family Plan’

Valkyrae becomes the co-star of Mark Wahlberg for upcoming movie 'The Family Plan'
Image Credits: Valkyrae

Another content creator on the cast list for this move is iiTzTimmy. Timothy ‘ iiTzTimmy’ An is a former professional Valorant player who is currently a member of 100 Thieves.

He has also made a similar announcement causing a stir in his Valorant community. As the two 100 Thieves members embark on a new journey, fans and other content creators have expressed their warm wishes to them.

Rae’s post has received over 64.2K reactions where fellow streamers HasanAbi, QuarterJade, AriaSaki and others noted the huge opportunity that the YouTuber has grabbed. Here are their reactions-


Valkyrae and iiTzTimmy’s fans were also excited at their upcoming project as they expressed their curiosity to know more about the movie-

It is worth noting that Valkyrae is entering the Hollywood industry for the first time. However, she has lent her voice to some anime characters as well as a character in Netflix’s Sonic Prime. On the flip side, iiTzTimmy will be entering the showbiz for the first time.

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