Valkyrae challenged by SuperStar Zelina Vega for a fight in WWE, She responds

After Valkyrae's tweet declaring that she had started boxing training, WWE Superstar Zelina Vega suggested that she should hop into the ring with her in a WWE Match, Read More!

Valkyrae and Zelina Vega

YouTube Gaming streamer, Valkyrae, who is also the Co-Owner of 100 Thieves, recently updated her twitter followers that she had started boxing training with a coach.

Replying to the tweet, we saw WWE Superstar, Zelina Vega, who is not a stranger to fights, saying that she would love to face off against one of the female WWE superstars in the ring.

Valkyrae responds to Zelina Vega’s callout

Ever since the Creator Clash took place on the 14th of May hosted by iDubbbz for Charity, it has managed to pique the interest of multiple major names in streaming including one of none other than Valkyrae.

Valkyrae was also caught saying “Since the boxing match, I’ve been curious what it’s like to fight somebody.” and not long after declaring the beginning of her training, she came into the crosshairs of none other than the first Queen of the Ring, Zelina Vega.

Valkyrae Boxing
Valkyrae tweeted about starting her boxing training

Vega has not only dipped her toes in Cosplay, but has also been a regular on the WWE Network alongside across two long stints for the past several years.

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Not only did Vega offer Valkyrae a chance to fight in the WWE, but has also laid down the gauntlet for one of the biggest female content creators in the world.

wwe zelina vega - FirstSportz
Zelina Vega

When Rachell got to know about the challenge on stream, she responded by saying the following “An actual WWE lady said I can join the ring with her. Yeah erm, goes by the name Zelina Vega. I’m kinda scared.”

On the stream, she was accompanied by none other than Ludwig who suggested she should maybe have Zelina on her side instead of actually fighting against her and it did not take her any time to agree with Ahgren. She said “Yeah yeah, for sure for sure.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Valkyrae actually picks up on the offer with the world famous superstar to fight alongside her in the WWE ring seeing to the numerous inter-disciplinary events happening around the world right now. The best example for which is the Creator Clash yet again whose part 2 has already been teased by iDubbbz himself.

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