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Valkyrae commits to boxing as she pumps up her new training regimen

Valkyrae took to Twitter to announce that she had started her Boxing training and might be into participating in Influencer Boxing events

Valkyrae recently took to twitter to announce that she had officially started her boxing training after being intrigued by the first Creator Clash hosted by iDubbbz.

She had made her interest known after watching the first creator Clash that she would want to feel what it is like to fight someone in real life with her own hands.

Valkyrae starts her boxing training

The Influencer world was given a spectacle of the professional sport of boxing in the form of the Creator Clash which took place on the 14th of May 2022.


Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, the GameStop worker turned big-time streamer and Co-Owner of 100Thieves, was just as intrigued as us by the event and she wondered what it would be like to actually fight someone with her own hands.

Valkyrae talks about getting into Boxing

She was one of the many streamers who were very much attracted by the idea to the point that she went ahead and said that she would love to participate in the next Creator Clash which, according to iDubbbz, is already in the making.

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In one of her most recent tweets dated 18th May 2022, she posted a picture of herself in the ring and said “First time learning how to fight and box with a trainer..” followed by n exhausted emoji and a celebration emoji.

When asked whether or not did Rae like the training, she said “It was honestly such a great experience already and I think it’s thanks to my trainer being incredible! I loved it so much I’m locked in for a few months LOL. So fun and feels so rewarding”

Will we see Valkyrae in the next Creator Clash?

It seems that Valkyrae is definitely into the boxing game after only a couple sessions in and this only makes the possibility of another Creator Clash even more interesting as we’ll see even bigger creators participating in the event than last time.

Not only does this go on to show that Influencer Boxing is the next big thing, it also encourages the viewers to get more active to see their role models get into sports.

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