“It’s driving me crazy,” Valkyrae compares her Valorant addiction to drugs

Valkyrae is heavily addicted to Valorant but it is unlikely that she will quit the game.

“It’s driving me crazy,” Valkyrae compares her Valorant addiction to drugs

Valkyrae is addicted to Valorant

After watching back-to-back crime documentaries on livestream sessions, YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has found her new comfort or more of an addiction on Valorant. The addiction is growing worse day by day, as informed by her as she went to the extent of comparing it with drugs.


The 31-year-old content creator decided to stream in a similar fashion to Sykkuno’s and on her January 18th livestream, she explained how she has been constantly playing the FPS title by Riot Games, whether it’s on-stream or off-stream. “I confess I am extremely addicted to Valorant right now”, she began by explaining that she has just played three back-to-back matches with some friends.

Valkyrae further discussed that it feels good to win the matches as she won all of the three matches played previously. “In my head, I’m like okay, I’m gonna practice off-stream so that I can be really good on-stream,” she informed her audience. However, she stated that she completely understood she’s at the wrong here.


“It’s driving me crazy”, she added while stating that she has been experiencing withdrawals. “If you do too many drugs, you start to note feel the effects anymore it just doesn’t feel good at all! But you need them to survive,” Valkyrae added that she feels the exact same with Valorant. Later, she explained that the game is doing nothing for her benefit, but she’s always having an itch to play it.

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Valkyrae was once addicted to GTA RP

"It's driving me crazy," Valkyrae compares her Valorant addiction to drugs
Image Credits: SVG

The prominent YouTube Gaming streamer has played a lot of games on her livestream, and each of them have been entertaining, both for her fans as well as her. However, this ‘entertainment’ had its dark side as well, as Valkyrae got addicted to several games that she played.

One of the games was GTA RP (role-play) which she heavily played during the initial months of February. The 100 Thieves co-founder explained how the game had taken over her life as she was watching streams and content related to the game even when she is off the camera.


On the flip side, the GTA RP addiction surprisingly opened fortunes for her as her viewership stats gradually increased from what they were previously. Her GTA character received immense appreciation, which pushed her to get better and ace her gameplay. She, however, decided to quit the game altogether after getting ‘hate’ messages from her community.

Valkyrae is quite good at Valorant too, as she is considered to be one of the most popular female Valorant streamers after Pokimane and Kyedae. Fans are enjoying her gameplay and it is unlikely that she will quit the game so easily. Instead, she might decide to curb down her streaming hours due to her upcoming project.

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