“Made me cry so much,” Valkyrae declares her favorite anime of all time

Valkyrae resonates with every otaku when she states her favorite anime of all time.

“Made me cry so much,” Valkyrae declares her favorite anime of all time

Valkyrae talks about her favorite anime

YouTube Gaming streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has announced her favorite anime of all time. After watching a lot of crime documentaries, she has shifted to watching anime on a regular basis and become the perfect ‘weeb’.


Valkyrae’s fans are already aware that the streamer takes keen interest in watching Japanese animation series or movies. In fact, she even got the opportunity to be on one anime. However, fans have been curious to know her favorite anime for a long time.

The 100 Thieves co-founder finally declared that One Piece is her favorite anime of all time. In a Twitter post dated January 28, she stated, “One Piece has made me cry so much lol.. Definitely and officially my favorite anime.

She even mentioned Nico Robin as her favorite character from the anime, when asked by one of her fans. Valkyrae’s love for One Piece is hardly surprising, as the series is considered to be one of the ‘Big Three’ in shounen series. Her declaration resonates with almost all of the otakus out there, as One Piece is one of the most watched series of all time.


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Valkyrae has voiced anime characters

Valkyrae one piece
Image Credits: One Piece

A dream come true moment for her, Valkyrae once got the golden chance to become a part of a Japanese animation series. The anime called ‘Tribe Nine‘ was released during January last year and ran 12 episodes till March 2022.

The action anime takes place in future, where the characters belong to different tribes. Rae got to be one of the twins along with fellow YouTuber Thomas ‘Sykkuno’, as both of them lend their English voice to the characters.

Other streamers such as Disguised Toast also made their cameo appearances in the anime. In other news, Valkyrae also became ‘Squad Commander Red’ for the recently released Netflix series, Sonic Prime.


Fans and streamers react to her tweet

The YouTuber’s tweet has got over 25K likes as her fans are happy to see Valkyrae taking the challenge to watch One Piece that consists over 1000 episodes. Streamers such as AriaSaki were barely able to contain their excitement-

Some other Twitter users were sarcastic about the episode count that she has to bear with. However, given her ardent interest to watch One Piece, she is certainly going to watch each and every episode.

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