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Valkyrae gets a pleasant surprise from Bella Poarch during live stream!

Bella Poarch gives Valkyrae the surprise of her life! Read More here!

Valkyrae, while streaming on July 6, received a call from her good friend and fellow content creator, Bella Poarch about a surprise waiting for her outside her door.

What, or rather who, Rae found waiting outside was indeed a big surprise for her before she would be leaving for Japan alongside her friends from OfflineTV.

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Valkyrae gets a pleasant surprise!

Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter, also known as her gaming and content-creating alias, Valkyrae, is one of the biggest female streamers in the continent of North America who streams exclusively on YouTube.


She is also the Co-Owner of one of the biggest esports and Content Creating organisations in the world, 100Thieves alongside Nadeshot and CourageJD.

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Rae has always been good friends with famous TikTok sensation turned singer, Bella Poarch and has also made a few appearances on her social media as well as in her music videos.

Bella Poarch

On July 6, she received a call from Poarch asking her to go out and check her doorstep for a ‘surprise’ waiting for her which was sent by Bella.

After disappearing from the stream for a few seconds to go and check in on her doorway and what Bella might be talking about, elated screams were heard as Rae quickly rushed back into her room while holding her mom’s hand.

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Valkyrae soon revealed that she was initially confused when she opened the door as she saw nothing but after a few seconds, her mom jumped out from the bushes and gave her the surprise of her life!

Rae moved to Twitter to reveal the big surprise that she had just gotten from Bella who will now certainly be counted as someone from Rae’s inner circle.

Valkyrae’s viewers then urged her to end the stream as they really wanted the mother-daughter duo to spend some quality time together but Rae said that since she would be leaving for a three week trip to Japan anyways, she wanted her fans to have as much content as she could give them.

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