Valkyrae no-makeup look: When the streamer decided to do her makeup on Livestream

Valkyrae no-makeup look: When the streamer decided to do her makeup on Livestream

Valkyrae's no make up look revealed

Valkyrae no-makeup look: Prominent female streamers such as Rachel’ Valkyrae’ Hofstetter have a widespread fan base who wish to know even the minor details about the streamer such as how she looks without putting up her makeup on.

While most of the streamers are seen interacting with their fans by becoming presentable on the screen, many female streamers have once opted out on makeup which led to many controversial statements coming out from the fans. One such bold streamer was Valkyrae, who was courageous enough to show her makeup routine on her live stream.


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Valkyrae no-makeup look

Valkyrae no-makeup look: When the streamer decided to do her makeup on livestream
Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter

The Twitch-turned-YouTube star, Valkyrae soon turned out to be one of the biggest female streamers in the Google-owned platform due to her Valorant and Among Us gameplay. The 30-year-old female streamer is also the CEO and content creator for American eSports organization 100 Thieves and recently appeared in a podcast with Kyedae.

Due to her entertaining live stream sessions, it was in no time that the content creator was able to achieve exponential popularity, which led to fans calling her the ‘Queen of YouTube Gaming’. Even though thousands of fans flock in to watch her live stream, where it seems clear that she has put on some makeup, fans are always eager to know how Valkyrae will look without her makeup.


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Back in 2020, the streamer finally decided to be confident enough and show her fans how she looks without makeup. In a 10-minute duration video, she did her makeup on the screen to inform her fans about her makeup routine. The sudden ‘Valkyrae no-makeup look’ face revelation took the streaming community by storm as fans started pouring in overwhelming reactions.

While female streamers are mostly required to appear beautiful every time, or else they are criticized by the fans, Valkyrae’s no-make-up reactions were quite different as fans appreciated her natural beauty. This was in stark contrast to the reactions made to Pokimane’s not makeup look as some viewers started trolling her on the look.


Valkyrae has streamed without makeup twice as once she told her viewers that she is sick of putting on makeup again, to which a fan told her that she looks tired. This was, however, taken very sportingly by the streamer, as she was confident enough to deal with trolls.

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