“The process will probably take years,” Valkyrae plans to adopt a child with her mother

Valkyrae wishes to hear the experience of her fans who have undergone adoption process, as she plans to adopt a baby.

“The process will probably take years,” Valkyrae plans to adopt a child with her mother

Image Credits: Valkyrae/ Instagram

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter does not shy away from taking big moves in her life. In a similar fashion, she recently announced her plans to adopt a child with her mother. She took to Twitter to break this news which left the entire streaming community in awe.


“My mom and I are considering adopting a baby,” the YouTuber added that she will be taking care of the finances. On the other hand, Rae’s mother will be responsible for taking care of the child’s health. Valkyrae continued to say that she is quite elated to realize that she will be having another sibling.

Continuing her Twitter post, she asked, “does anybody reading this have experience with adoption/been adopted.” She was willing to hear the stories of people who have adopted a child. As a consequence, Valkyrae asked everyone to share their stories with her.

Fans were thinking that Valkyrae has already started the formalities, but she made it clear that the process will still take some years. She revealed this after her fellow content creator hilariously remarked, “The first person with a kid was actually rae I didn’t have this on my bingo card.” Rae added that the first ones are probably going to be Wendy and Abe.


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Pokimane and others shower their love on Valkyrae’s decision

"The process will probably take years," Valkyrae plans to adopt a child with her mother
Image Credits: Valkyrae/ YouTube

The Filipino streamer is quite careful when it comes to her family. However, she doesn’t hesitate to share major announcements of her life with her fans. A few months ago, she revealed the staggering amount of money she spent on her sister’s wedding.

But now that she is willing to have another sibling, fans are quite excited to see the baby on her stream. As of now, Valkyrae’s stream has only seen the appearance of her younger sister named KC. She has also shared some snaps of her sister’s engagement.

Valkyrae’s Wikipedia page mentions that she has two brothers as well. However, fans are yet to know anything about the rest of Rae’s siblings. On the flip side, her fellow streamers such as Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys noted that she is ready to do the babysitting-


Streamer Miyoung commented how much proud she is of the YouTuber. “People don’t know how much thought and research you put into things behind the scenes,” she added that this is an insanely huge decision-

Rae’s fans also shared their excitement about this news. Here are some reactions that followed after her announcement-

It can be expected that Valkyrae will share more details on the adoption soon. She is also looking forward to some big projects which she revealed during one of her YouTube streams.

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