Valkyrae reacts to Disguised Toast’s disgusting ‘Fear Fart’ during a live stream

This article talks about Valkyrae's reactions when she watched a video of an incident when Diguised Toast was streaming with Miyoung

Valkyrae disgusted

Valkyrae was watching a clip that contained Miyoung and Disguised Toast playing an Indie survival horror game called scrutinized. In the game you play as a detective who solves murders from a desktop, the survival horror elements come into play when the killer chases you before you solve the murder. Looking at the genre there was definitely some terrifying moments but what viewers and Valkyrae didn’t expect was a disgustingly hilarious moment in between.

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What happened in middle of the stream?

In the middle of the stream Disguised Toast farted and Miyoung was obviously disgusted, to cool the situation he hilariously said “Its a fear fart dude it happens” and Miyoung began laughing along with Toast. As they were both laughing Toast suddenly paused the game while his character was on a PC and said “Do you guys hear that? I heard that. As soon as leave this PC he (the killer) is going to stab me in the head”. To which she replied “You’re dying in the game I am dying in real life” referring to the ‘fear fart’ before

Disguised Toast and Miyoung
Valkyrae reacts to Disguised Toast's disgusting 'Fear Fart' during a live stream 2

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How did Valkyrae react to it?

When Valkyrae saw the fear fart she had a reaction of disgusted on her face and said “Ewww save Miyoung”. Further on she reacted to the jumpscares and after having one too many she said “I am sick of being scared” but continued watching out of some curiosity. This paid of as she saw the golden moment where Toast screamed at the top of his voice after a very creepy jumpscare and she burst out in laughter.

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