Valkyrae roast and completely destroy Ludwig: “And you called you a gamer?”

On May 20, Ludwig called Rachell to invite her into his new project called "Bro Versus Bro". He continued the conversation

Valkyrae roast and completely destroy Ludwig
Valkyrae roast and completely destroy Ludwig

Rachell “Valkyrae” is the biggest gaming content creator on Youtube with over 3.4 million subscribers. On the recent stream, Rachell and Ludwig on a call discuss who is the better game. As you know Ludwig is going to host new stream series called “Bro Versus Bro”.

So he asked the streamer about participating in his new project which includes chess and other games, in reply Rachell asked a simple question to the fellow streamer in a roast way “You’re a gamer?”

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Valkyrae roasted Ludwig by asking simple question

Valkyrae roast and completely destroy Ludwig
Valkyrae roasted Ludwig on stream

On May 20, Ludwig called Rachell to invite her into his new project called “Bro Versus Bro”. He continued the conversation by sharing the planning that he made for the project and revealed that he going to host two hours of the live stream and planned to play chess and other games against the invited streamer.

“I have a perfect two-hour stream for you filled with chess and pog (Twitch emoticon) tent. It’s called ‘Bro versus Bro.”

By hearing the title of the new project queen of youtube asked Ludwig if she was a bro: “Okay, and… are you… or… am I the bro, and you’re the bro?”

In reply, Ludwig tried to pull her legs by saying “You are faster than I would have thought, honestly. That is correct! Yeah.” in return Rachell laughed and was interested to know more about the event.

Ludwig replied, “We are trying to find out who between us is the better gamer.” the 100 thieves co-owner replied with a roast by saying you are a gamer: “I’m going to lose my mind. I’m one of the best gamers in the world!” after he talked about his achievements and all “Chess, a Super Smash Bros. former professional, okay? My Valorant is kind of good, and I’m gold ranked.”

Furthermore, Rachell appreciate his valo skills and said “That is true. You actually were kind of good at Valo when we played. That one time a long time ago.” in reply Ludwig ended the conversation by saying “Okay, all right, miss 8,000 hours into Fortnite and Among Us and nothing else.”.

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