Valkyrae shocked Sykkuno by knowing his every step

Sykkuno was socked by the Valkyrae's correct guesses while playing the game of Battleship. Know more about the whole story in the article

Valkyrae shocked Sykkuno by knowing his every step
Valkyrae shocked Sykkuno by knowing his every step

The two most loved and popular star streamers of youtube Valkyrae and Sykkuno caught the fan’s attention once again while playing the guessing game on stream. The Offline TV members formed a special bond with each other through their streaming journey.

Fans witnessed how both we’ll know each other and understand what the other person is thinking right now. Rae was surprised the 30-year-old streamer will guess accurately his battleship’s hidden location in the game, which proves that both have a strong connection and understanding for each other.

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Sykkuno can’t believe he lost against Valkyrae

Valkyrae shocked Sykkuno by knowing his every step
Valkyrae and Sykkuno playing Battelship Game

In their most recent stream, while playing together guessing Battleship Game, each player has to arrange five ships and try to destroy and sink the opponent’s ship by guessing the right square where the enemy ships are hidden.

While playing the game Syk is shocked by Rae by knowing his every strategy and plan where to hide the ship. Female streamers guess accurately correct and sink all the 30-year-old streamers all the ships one by one.

The streamer said, “How does she know?”. During the game, Syk tries to confuse Rae by saying “But she doesn’t know if it’s” as he completed his statement, Rae replied quickly by saying “If it’s the long bore or the long pen**”.

The 30 old year streamer against try’s to confuse Rae and said “Yeah, who knows, who knows, it could be anything.”, after saying all this and trying to confuse her. She guessed all the squares successfully. Syk on his losing, was amazed by the accurate guessing and how well she knew him “Oh my god, How? How?” he said.

Furthermore, Rae replied and said she knew where he would hide his ships and it’s too obvious: “Because you would place there that you sicko.” conversation continues between both and Syk replied “I clicked randomly. What do you mean? I clicked random, I clicked the random button. Oh god.

By witnessing this fans knows how their favorite streamers knew each other well and understand each other thinking. Rae also said that they become very close but not in a romantic way, but fans speculate that they both have some relationship which she replied it’s not that way and we both do have nothing.

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