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“I was a mega stoner man”: Valkyrae stuns fans by revealing she used to smoke weed and why she decided to quit

On a recent August livestream, Rachel 'Valkyrae' Hofstetter revealed that she used to smoke weed long ago as it came under medication.

Valkyrae talks about smoking weed long ago

Valkyrae is once again making headlines in the streaming community after she revealed to her fans during her recent livestream that she used to smoke weed a long time ago. However, she gave it up on account of several reasons which are discussed briefly in this article.

Rachel Hofstetter is one of the primary names that pop up when fans talk about female streamers. The 30-year-old streamer who started her journey on Twitch was able to achieve a breakthrough since her move to YouTube Gaming on which she made several announcements and revelations on her life before she became an internet sensation.

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Valkyrae gives an honest confession on smoking weed

Valkyrae’s smoking habit revealed

Given the enormous popularity of 100 Thieves’ first female content creator, fans are always eager to know about the streamer’s personal life and the major events that occurred before their ‘streaming’ life. As Valkyrae is one of the most open minded personality, she never shies away from revealing the truth to her fans.

One such truth came out when the streamer was playing Valorant and streaming it on YouTube when one of her fans asked whether she has ever smoke weed. While fans considered her to conceal this information even if she has, considering how popular she is, Valkyrae remained undaunted when she said-

"We used to grow a couple plants, I was a mega stoner man a long time ago" 

Fans hilariously asked whether she used to grow plants in GTA (Grand Theft Auto) to which she replied that she grew them in real life which came as a shocking revelation to her fans. The YouTuber and the co-owner for 100 Thieves’ further continued-

"Marijuana legal in Washington state way before everywhere else, and I had my medication card, because I had a pinched nerve for my scoliosis”.

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She further explained that she stopped smoking a long time ago and never went high to her work or school. In fact, the streamer also lashed out at the people who considered it fun to be high on a workplace or school calling them ‘ridiculous’. Not only that, she also explained why she decided to quit weed-

“I didn’t like how lazy it made me, also I got the munchies like crazy, I would eat everything and anything to the point when my stomach was bursting”.

Rachel Hofstetter

Along with the food cravings, the anxiety that came after smoking weed led her to quit it. Moreover, Valkyrae stated that she wanted to be more focused and driven towards her work, the product of which is visible through the number of her followers.

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