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Valorant adds Muted Word feature with patch 4.01

Toxicity has been in the online gaming community for a long time and Valorant also falls victim to it. To mitigate the problem, Riot Games has already implemented measures to take up a fight against it. Checkout the complete article to know more about update.

However, even after putting in a lot of effort initially, Valorant is still prone to these problems, and Riot Games is taking another measure to suppress toxicity in the community. This is being done through the new Muted Words option in the game and will allow the players to blacklist words of their choice so that they are not exposed to them.

To examine how it will benefit the players, this article will discuss the new setting that has been added to the game with good intentions.

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Valorant has introduced a new word filter

Riot Games looked into the matter of community-toxicity for Valorant and came to the solution of adding a word filter to conceal toxicity as much as possible.

For instance, female players generally face more toxicity in the gaming world for their minority and toxic players don’t fail to abuse them. With the new features, these players can strike off words that are derogatory and give them a much better experience in terms of communication.


The system is pretty easy to use and all players need to do is add keywords that they want to blacklist. This setting can be found under the communication page and they will never show up on the player’s screen ever again.

Valorant adds Muted Word feature with patch 4.01 2

This gesture from Riot Games is something that has been appreciated by the players and will surely make a difference in many players’ experience of the game.

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