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Valorant Agent 19: All Details of New Agent Neon

Valorant community got a glimpse of Valorant Agent 19. The article discusses the first look of Valorant's fastest agent Neon.

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Valorant is Riot Games’ take on the first-person tactical shooter genre. This agent-based tactical shooter keeps the gamer on toes with their new agents and map. In this new year, Riot is gifting a new agent to have some fun with. The first look of Valorant Agent 19, Neon Leaked by Amazon.

Valorant Agent 19

Riot keeps Valorant fresh with the new agent and map releases. As we all expected to have a new Agent the next act and hardcore Valorant fans were dying to have a glimpse of Agent 19.

Valorant Agent 19: All Details of New Agent Neon

Valorant agent leaks are not a surprise anymore but this time it is different and quite funny as well. Usually, we get leaks from the data miner or some secret internal sources but this time one of Riot’s associates accidentally leaked an image of Valorant Agent 19, Neon.

As we all know we get special in-game items with Amazon Prime and with those items we get to see an animated Valorant art. We got the art this time as well but the only difference was the model in the art is still not in the game.

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Agent 19, Neon Abilities

Valorant Agent 19: All Details of New Agent Neon (Image via Valorant Update)

Speculations are we will get to see Agent 19 in-game with the name “Neon”. We don’t know about her abilities just yet but she will have some movement abilities for sure, as she is referred to as the agent is “faster than Jett”. The leaked picture suggests that Neon will leave some neon smoke or fading light after she will use her particular movement ability.

Neon will be the 18th agent in Valorant’s agent roster. Although her agent class is yet not revealed, if we observe the previous agent realizes she can very likely be a duelist or an initiator.

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