Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass: Player card, spray, gun buddy, and more

The new Valorant Champions event pass is dropping soon in Valorant.

Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass: Player card, spray, gun buddy, and more

(credits: Riot Games)

This VCT 2023 season has been really good for fans. There have been many exceptional plays, along with loads of drama. And this event keeps on giving. This time, fans are perceiving this really positively. It’s the Valorant Champions 2023 Event pass. Moreover, this event pass, like previous similar events, will have loads of VCT-exclusive items that players are looking forward to. From Player cards to sprays, gun buddy, titles, and more, this pass will have it all. 

The Valorant Champions Event Pass is the major takeaway for fans every year. Not only does this pass offer free and exclusive rewards just for playing the game, but the rewards are really good too. It has been a ritual by Riot Games to launch the Valorant Champions Event Pass right before the main event kicks off. And this time too, the Event pass will soon be coming to the game. 


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Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass

Valorant Champions 2022 Event Pass
Valorant Champions 2022 Event Pass (credits: Riot Games)

Similar to other Event Passes, such as For Arcane, the Lunar New Year, and others, the Valorant Champions 2023 Event Pass will provide free in-game cosmetics and Radianite Points to players at the cost of earning XP. The whole pass will be divided into 7 tiers and will have 5 exclusive in-game items. Players can attain all these in-game drops just by playing the different game modes and earning XP. Similar to how unlocking agents works, this event pass will function the same way.

This time the Event Pass will have 1 spray, 2 titles, 1 player card, 1 gun buddy, and 20 Radianite Points. Furthermore, Valorant has divided the rewards into seven tiers. And a set amount of XP divides all 7 tiers, with the amount increasing with each tier. Moreover, this Event Pass’ tiers are:

  • Tier 1: “Happy Octopus” spray
  • Tier 2: “Tearjerker” Title
  • Tier 3: 10 Radianite
  • Tier 4: “Champions Squad” Player Card
  • Tier 5: “One More” Title
  • Tier 6: 10 Radianite
  • Tier 7: “Octobuddy” Buddy

The 4th of August would be the release date for this pass, whereas the last Event Pass was released much later in August. This Event Pass is the best way for fans to take part in the VCT celebrations themselves and even get some really good and exclusive rewards out of it. Considering last year’s amount of XP required to fill the pass, fans speculate the amount will be the same for this year since the number of tiers is also the same. Last year’s total XP amount was 131,700 XP, which might be the same for this year too. 

Playing competitive or unrated modes would help rake up the XP amount. Furthermore, completing weekly or daily missions would be the best way to swoop in a huge amount of XP at once. Moreover, the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle will also be dropping on the same date, which players are really excited about. 

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