Valorant Champions 2023 official music video “TICKING AWAY” is out now with a bang

This is the third song produced by Riot Games Music for the Valorant Champions Tour!

Valorant Champions 2023 official music video “TICKING AWAY” is out now with a bang

(credits: Riot Games Music)

The Valorant Champions 2023 is in full bloom now after the immense success of the VCT 2023 season. The final bout amongst the best of the best Valorant teams around the globe is going down soon. And teams are gearing up for it rigorously. This VCT 2023 season saw a lot of unexpected but wonderful moments. And with that said, the Valorant Champions 2023 official music video, “Ticking Away,” is finally out!

It has been a ritual for Riot Games Music to release a song right before the commencement of their game’s eSport major’s final event. These songs are some of the greatest soundtracks, according to fans! From music videos for League of Legends Tournaments to Valorant Champions, Riot Games Music never disappoints. And after a long wait, the music video of the Valorant Champions 2023 is out now.


The past music video for Valorant Champions gained massive popularity right after their release. Furthermore, they are continuing to do so even now. The hype for past songs has not yet died down. Moreover, the hyped has been no strengthened and increased with the release of Ticking Away!

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Valorant Champions 2023 official music video “Ticking Away”

Valorant Champions 2023 official music video "TICKING AWAY" is out now with a BANG
Snippet from “Ticking Away” (credits: Riot Games Music)

After a long wait, the official music video for Valorant Champions 2023 has finally been released on Valorant’s official YouTube Channel. And fans are loving every second of it. Riot Games Music produced this new song as the third one in the long line of VCT theme songs. The first song to honor the Valorant Champions 2021 was “Die For You,” followed by “Fire Again,” released during the Valorant Champions 2022.


Furthermore, the video concept of this song is totally different from the other two before it. “Ticking Away” features the story of a Valorant player who, from casually playing with his friends, stays on the grind even after his friends leave the game to work on their own thing. This music video features the story of a player and his grind, which led him to play in the Valorant Champions. Riot Games Music label produced a masterpiece video and song.

Moreover, this music video contains loads of easter eggs too. The scene shows the friends’ group playing on a claw machine. The camera zooms out to show “3-11” written in neon lights. This is a reference to Fnatic, and especially their IGL Booster, turning the tide against LOUD, the current Champions title owner, from a losing game to winning the VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo. Moreover, Valorant will use this song in the weapon inspect animation of their new Champions (2023) bundle.

Fans have been hooked to the music video from the moment it came out. The beats and the lyrics of this song are really good and show how Riot Games isn’t only good at making games but also has a knack for music videos. If you haven’t heard the song yet, it’s out now on YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify & Apple Music!


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