Valorant Community Battle Pass: upcoming community battle pass for Episode 4 Act 2 And its release date

With Valorant’s next act coming in a few weeks. The developers gave us a sneak peek into the Valorant community battle pass. Checkout the complete article to know more and stay tuned to get all the latest updates and news about Valorant.

The Game’s Episode 4 got a lot of positive feedback from the community. As it brought to life the New agent “Neon“, some well-needed map changes and an amazing battle pass.

However, this current Act is coming to an end in a month’s time. And the developers want us to look forward, to the upcoming additions. And one of these additions is the community battle-pass. So let’s take a deeper dive and understand what it actually is.

The community battle pass is a chance for the community to bring out their inner artist. The procedure for the community battle pass is such that, people/the community can submit their work say player card drawings or sprays. And out of all the submissions Riot will shortlist a few and present them back to the community.

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Update about Valorant community battle pass:

Where the items will be selected based on voting and popularity. So this makes the battle pass unique to each region, making the systems more fun.

The cost for the community battle pass is also not released yet. However, we can assume that it may cost the same as a regular battle pass which is 1000 Valorant points.

The rest of the details will have not been released yet. But keeping in mind Riot’s dedication to their community we will definitely get to know them soon

Valorant Community B.P. Release Date


As the community battle pass is set to release with the next act. It is safe to say that we will be able to access the battle pass on the 1st of March. However, if anything changes you will be the first to know.

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