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G2 Esports gets cancelled on Valorant franchising following their CEO and Andrew Tate’s controversy

As per some reports, Riot Games is denying the franchise spot to G2 Esports, a popular team in the Valorant eSports community after its CEO was caught in a controversy.

G2 Esports has a bleak future on eSports

G2 Esports seems to be getting cancelled in the Valorant eSports scenario after the organization’s CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, was spotted partying with Andrew Tate post winning the League of Legends world championship.


Despite knowing that Andrew Tate has been labelled as a misogynistic personality on social media platforms and facing huge backlashes till date, G2 Esports’ CEO remained unapologetic for his decision to hangout with Tate.

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Andrew Tate might have tarnished the image of G2 Esports


G2 Esports is one of the most popular European eSports organizations right now that comprises rosters in FPS games such as Valorant, and CS: GO as well their specialty, League of Legends. Aside from League of Legends, they hold a highly competitive Valorant team in North America but this might be of no use.

Riot had recently revamped its eSports structure after concluding their Champions Tour 2022 and ending it on a LOUD note. As per the new structure, the developers are planning to provide partnership to certain teams from EMEA, Americas and Pacific. While some teams were confident they would grab the spot, G2 Esports’ position was left hanging.

This view comes after the organization’s CEO was vehemently trolled on social media after he celebrated his League of Legends team’s win in the World Championship with Andrew Tate, the controversial personality that remains banned on all of the major platforms.

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Following this, the CEO took 8 days of unpaid leave after commenting that nobody has the right to police his friendships. Now, G2 Esports seem to face another problem as it has been denied the Valorant franchise spot of North America as well as EU which was apparently confirmed earlier.

"G2 had a spot locked in NA, but Riot had an emergency meeting and decided otherwise. Likely LEV is having the last NA spot."

Prominent eSports insider revealed the news on Twitter as Riot Games is yet to announce officially about the 30 teams that are going to be partnered Valorant teams in the eSports circuit. As G2 Esports has been denied the spot, players are going to suffer in the competitive scene in the long run.

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