Valorant In Ranked, brave players desire a’simple’ approach to screen out bad teammates

Valuable players want Riot Games to implement a simple mechanism to “filter out” problematic teammates who can appear in matchmaking and even Ranked. Checkout the complete article to know more.

Since its introduction in July of 2020, Valorant has attracted an average of 900,000 daily active players, indicating that there is no shortage of individuals who want to join in the tactical FPS fun. With a large number of Agents to pick from and many additional maps in the works, the game has the potential to appeal to a wide range of gamers.

However, some disgruntled fans argue that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Members of the community have highlighted how underage gamers have hampered their Valorous games, and they believe it’s time to filter out the troublemakers.

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Riot should screen out underage Valorant players

Valorant Widejoy Card brought back in Episode 4, Act 2 Battlepass
Valorant Widejoy Card brought back in Episode 4, Act 2 Battlepass

It should “enforce the game’s age requirement,” according to Reddit user guest169420 on the Valorant subreddit, who suggested implementing a basic math test to do so. “I believe there should be verification before entering/starting the game,” they added.

“Asking the player a simple question like ‘what is 35?’ [because] kids may completely derail a match.” They later clarified that this was due to previous encounters with underage players, stating that they “lost a game because a child went 3-22 with another shouting and blaming teammates the entire game.”

Toast mains Chamber in Valorant
Toast mains Chamber in Valorant

Other Valorant enthusiasts, on the other hand, were sceptical that this would address the problem. Even while youngsters play the game, it is not always they who create the real harm. “I don’t think it’s the kids,” one commenter on the Reddit discussion said.

“It’s the folks who act like children, because believe me, there are competitive children and childish grownups out there.” Meanwhile, another said: “I’ve lost games because of full-grown adults going 5-20 while being racist, sexist bigots blaming, insulting their teammates for no good reason.”

Valorant God Particle disqualified for Jett's Slide Use
Valorant God Particle disqualified for Jett’s Slide Use

Riot have been cracking down on toxicity in Valorant since its inception and only time will tell if they’ll be able to completely stamp out matchmaking’s biggest problems.

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