Valorant new map codenamed Jam: What do we know about it?

Valorant new map codenamed Jam: What do we know about it?

Valorant New Map Jam (Image Credits: Kanga-Valorant)

Valorant has been releasing new players and maps alternatively every new Act. With Harbor being the latest agent to join the ranks in patch 5.08, it is time for Valorant to introduce a new map and the developers have already started putting easter eggs into the game for it. This time around, Harbor wants to be the one leading the mission, and this will be his first official mission with the Valorant Protocol.


In a new audio file emerging from Brimstone’s corner office at the training range, Astra and Harbor are found discussing his artifact, which is supposedly written in the language of the Guardians. From the artifact itself, Astra deciphers the word key and about a nexus and ‘lost city built by the guardians’.

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However, the really interesting factor is that Harbor talks about a map of that location at the ‘Gulf of Khambat‘, wherein he states about his study of the City of Flowers during his time at Realm, the actual place already in ruins. Add to this, Valorant has now let the fans know that this new map will be codenamed ‘Jam’, although the exact coordinates haven’t been released.


Adding the new player cards into the mix, showing a pink lotus over a tree, theories have already started flooding the internet about the new map in development being located in India. Although, at this moment it seems highly unlikely that Valorant might add both the new agent and the map from India, given that the last agent to the release, Fade, was from Turkey and the new map Pearl is located in Portugal, it is interesting to find out where Valorant intends to take its lore.

With Valorant Leaks tweeting about a new image from in a folder named Prol_Jaipur, and the Hindi words ‘Dainik Jagaran‘ faintly scribbled previously, fans are going wild over the chances of the new map based in India. However, a lot of the ideas do not go beyond the development stage, so it remains to be seen if the developers indeed go ahead and develop a new map in India. 

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Valorant announces rank distribution in Patch 5.09

New rank system

Valorant ranks begin from Iron 1 and end up at Radiant, and have bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, ascendant, and immortal in between, each of these elos is further subdivided into 3 parts. Some of the hard-stuck players find it extremely difficult to move out of the specific elos.


Within the data released, it has been noticed that 5.1% of the players are presently in Iron, 15.9% in Bronze, and 22.9% in Silver. 21.7% in Gold, 16.7% in Platinum, 10.7% in Diamont, and 5.4% in Ascendant. Only 1.7% are Immortal, and since Radiants aren’t ranked, this constitutes the ‘elo’ density within the game. It will be interesting to find out how this data shifts once the new map is released.

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