Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022

This article comes up with the list of top 5 Vandal skins in the Valorant 2022. Check out the full article

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022
Top 5 Vandal Skins in Valorant 2022

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person shooting game where players plant and defuse spikes in a site, and to kill the enemy game provides guns along with different agent abilities. One of them is the Vandal an assault rifle that is capable to shoot down with just one bullet on the head.

There is always a controversial topic about which Vandal skin is good and the most popular topic is which gun is better Phantom or Vandal. Riot always releases the guns cosmetics and played if they like it they buy with real money in-game. This article is covering about which Vandal skin is more popular with a number ranking from 5 to 1.

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Top 5 Vandal skins

The vandal gun is an assault rifle and works in every range it’s one bullet in the head kills the enemy and it is one of the used weapons in-game after Phantom. Every time a new update riot brings gun cosmetics.

5. Forsaken Vandal

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022
Forsaken Vandal

Forsaken Vamdal arrived with Forsaken Bundle on April 27, 2021. The gun gives majestic feels to the players, and this skin comes in two colors some fans claim that this vandal is too similar to the sovereign bundle, Price 1775 VP (Valorant Points)

4. RGX 11Z Pro Vandal

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022
RGX 11Z Pro

On October 6, 2021, this bundle was released in the game RGX 11Z Pro, it has futuristic looks and it is basically based on that. This Skin comes in 4 different colors Red, Blue, and Green.

The skin next version is also going to release in the upcoming update of episode 4 act 3 RGX 11Z Pro 2, which consists of Phantom skin with the same theme and butterfly knife. Price 2175 VP (Valorant Points)

3. Prime Vandal

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022
Prime Vandal

Prim Vandal is way older than any other game skin it was launched in the 2020 at start of the game. When players use the Prime Vandal players feel that they are controlling recoil. Prime kill finished animation looks good Prime Vandal is the first bundle to come in the store. Price 1775 VP (Valorant Points)

2. Champions Vandal

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022
Champions Vandal

Champions Vandal was introduced on November 24 during the Valorant Champions this skin is part of the Champions Bundle. this cosmetic skin is most liked guns by players, its final kills are one of the top animations where you can see the Champions logo and here music behind it. Price 2675 VP (Valorant Points).

1.  Reaver Vandal

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant 2022
Revaer Vandal

Reaver Vandal comes in three different color Red, Blue, and White and it’s based on a dark-themed aura which makes the weapon looks very cool and heavy. Every player wants to what a headshot only with this gun, and its kill animation is way cooler than other skin’s final kill animation. Price 1775 VP (Valorant Points)

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