Valorant patch 7.04: Riot Games hits over half of the agent roster along with Jett with MAJOR nerfs

Check out all agent changes in Patch 7.04!

Valorant patch 7.04: Riot Games hits over half of the agent roster along with Jett with MAJOR nerfs

Image via Riot Games

Valorant has recently rolled out patch notes for update 7.04 leading up to the launch of Episode 7 Act 2. This brings with it a plethora of character adjustments that promise to reshape the dynamics of gameplay. From reducing the impact of powerful ultimates to fine-tuning the abilities of various agents, this update seeks to enhance game state clarity, promote strategic decision-making, and create a balanced playing field for all players. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the character changes introduced in Valorant Patch 7.04.

The primary goal of Patch 7.04 is to provide players with a clearer understanding of the game state and empower them to make more informed decisions. One of the key focuses is on reigning in the potency of large area-of-effect ultimates. By reducing their impact range, the update aims to strike a balance between tactical power and counterplay possibilities. This change encourages players to strategize and outmaneuver opponents, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

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Furthermore, the duration of active utility has been trimmed down. This forces players to make quicker decisions and adapt to changing circumstances. This adjustment is designed to prevent instances of prolonged utility dominance, promoting dynamic engagements and swift tactics.

All major changes to Valorant agents in update 7.04

Valorant update 7.04 patch notes: All changes and adjustments to agents
Image via Riot Games

The individual adjustments made to the various agents’ abilities are a major highlight of Patch 7.04. These changes address both the potency of specific abilities and their overall impact on gameplay. All changes made to the characters are listed below:


  • The “Aftershock” (C) ability now has 2 ticks instead of 3, with increased damage per tick from 60 to 80.
  • Ultimate points required for “Rolling Thunder” (X) increased from 8 to 9.


  • The “Orbital Strike” (X) ultimate now requires 8 points instead of 7.


  • There is a slightly longer delay in re-equipping the weapon after using the “Prowler” (C) ability.


  • The “Mosh Pit” (C) ability now deals 10 damage per second before exploding.
  • “Wingman” (Q) ability’s health reduced from 100 to 80.
  • Riot Games has visually improved the explosion of the “Thrash” (X) ability for better clarity.


  • Ultimate points needed for “Lockdown” (X) increased from 8 to 9.


  • Casting the “Paranoia” (Q) ability does not impart any movement velocity.


  • Riot Games has made adjustments to balance Skye’s utility in the current meta of the game. Changes include reducing the info range of “Guiding Light” (E), decreasing the health of “Trailblazer” (Q) and “Seekers” (X), and increasing the Ultimate points for “Seekers” from 7 to 8.


  • The “Recon Bolt” (E) ability now has 2 scans instead of 3.


  • Ultimate points required for “Viper’s Pit” (X) increased from 8 to 9.


  • Astra’s abilities “Gravity Well” (C) and “Nova Pulse” (Q) have been adjusted to offer distinct use cases, with changes to activation times and durations. Also, “Cosmic Divide” (X) now completely blocks audio.


  • Riot Games has refined Jett’s abilities to make her more focused as an aggressive, high-precision Duelist. Changes include reducing the window for using “Tailwind” (E), increasing its activation windup, shortening the duration of “Cloudburst” (C), reducing the charges of “Updraft” (Q) to 1, and increasing the Ultimate points for “Blade Storm” (X) from 7 to 8.

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