Valorant pro Jinggg set to miss the 2024 VCT Season to complete his mandatory military service

The W gaming team has a new problem

Valorant pro Jinggg set to miss the 2024 VCT Season to complete his mandatory military service

The Valorant Champions Tour is coming to an end after 7 long, grueling months. The year started with all franchised teams duking it out in a single Elim format at VCT Lock/In, and it is ending this week with the finals of Valorant Champions 2023. All the teams will look back at their performances from the year and reflect on the changes needed. The rostermania has already started with rumours flying around about different teams and players. But among all this, there is a team with a different predicament.

The Pacific region’s super team, Paper Rex, had quite a good year. Even though they did not go deep in Lock/In, they won the Pacific League and became the first team to pull off a reverse sweep in the VCT circuit. In addition to that, they were also placed third in the Masters Tokyo and are now on the verge of winning the Valorant Champions 2023. Despite their result, they need to make a roster change against their will. Their star player Wang “Jing” Jing will not be available for the 2024 VCT season due to mandatory military service.

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Valorant Champions 2023 is the last tournament for Jing for the time being

Paper Rex Jinggg at VCT Pacific League 2023

Jing has been an integral part of the Paper Rex Valorant roster and has contributed massively to their success. He had an ACS of 227 throughout the year, acting as the main entry for the team playing Raze and Phoenix. Paper Rex coach Alecks confirmed that he is leaving the team for mandatory national service, which is compulsory for any Singaporean male over 18 years of age.

While talking with Round Up Gamers, Alecks said “Jinggg is leaving PRX at the end of this season and will not be participating in the 2024 season. We would like to send him to the army as soon as possible. That way, he will leave the army sooner.” The service is for two years, so he is confirmed to miss the VCT 2024 season and will try to make a comeback in 2025 if he gets an early leave.

This is going to be his last tournament. This also means that PRX will need another player in the next season unless they go with their sub “CGRS” or bring back “Benkai” from the bench. This is a massive setback for the team, as they finally had a trophy-winning roster with Something joining in the middle of the season.

Fans are sad to see one of their beloved players leave, but they are optimistic about his return. Paper Rex has a very good chance of winning Valorant Champions 2023, as they are already in the Top 3. This is their best chance to end on a massive high note, as the team will have to make changes next year. Jinggg will make a comeback on the pro scene later.

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