“It could be a short term thing,” Valorant pro yay shares his thoughts about joining Disguised Toast’s DSG

The professional Valorant player expressed his excitement about joining Disguised Toast's DSG.

“It could be a short term thing,” Valorant pro yay shares his thoughts about joining Disguised Toast’s DSG

Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker, a well-known name in the world of Valorant, has joined content creator Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang’s Challengers league team, DSG. Despite his impressive track record, this move is a step back for yay as he is now competing in the second tier of North American Valorant. Although this move is a step back for yay, he remains determined to play tier-one Valorant again. With the upcoming Challengers League playoffs, DSG is working towards qualifying for the Ascension Tournament and promotion to the franchise league. The addition of Yay and Vanity to the team has bolstered their roster, and their performance is yet to be seen.


Prior to this, yay had ended 2022 at the top of the Valorant food chain, earning a lucrative deal with franchise partner Cloud9. At The Game Awards, he also won the title of Best Esports Athlete of the Year. However, his time with Cloud9 was short-lived as they decided to go in a different direction after just two events. This decision was allegedly due to role issues. Days later, Cloud9 also opted to move on from in-game leader Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina. They brought in Jake ‘jakee’ Anderson and Dylan ‘runi’ Cade to fill the vacant spots on the team. It is worth noting that vanity has also joined DSG as a streamer and content creator.

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Yay talks about his goals with Disguised Toast’s DSG

Yay at the VCT 2023 LOCKIN Sao Paulo
Credits: Liquidpedia

Yay is determined to play tier-one Valorant again, despite the setback. “It could be a short term thing to be honest with you. Ultimately I want to compete at the highest level.” He has admitted that his time with DSG might be a short-lived. This is because he is focused on playing at the highest level. During a recent stream, yay said, “That’s what I love doing. I love being on that stage.”


There’s a path for yay to reach the VCT Americas league with DSG. For this to happen, they will have to finish top two in the Challengers League playoffs. This would allow them to qualify for the Ascension Tournament. This event has six teams from across the Americas and offers promotion to the franchise league.

“In the meantime, we’re gonna have some fun. I’ll be giving my max effort every single day. I’ll do what I can.” There’s a possibility that his DSG spell may be brief. However, yay has promised to give his most every single day. He hopes to bring DSG into the franchise league.

It’s worth noting that Disguised Toast is a member of OfflineTV. Offline TV is a collective of content creators who live together and collaborate on various projects. DSG formed the team earlier this year, and it has since gone through several iterations as they strive to build a competitive roster.

In addition to yay and vanity, DSG’s current lineup includes former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag, former Overwatch player Andrej ‘babybay’ Francisty, and former Apex Legends player Tanner ‘rogue’ Trebb.


DSG’s performance in the upcoming Challengers League playoffs is yet to be seen. However, with yay and vanity joining the team, they have certainly bolstered their roster. Yay’s competitive experience and skill will undoubtedly be an asset to the team as they work towards their goal of reaching the VCT Americas league.

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