Valorant Run It Back Collection (2023): Release Date, Price, Skins, and More

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Valorant Run It Back collection (2023): release date, skins, prices, and exclusive in-game features.

Valorant Run It Back Collection (2023): Release Date, Price, Skins, and More

Due to its uniqueness, Valorant has become one of the most players FPS games developed by Riot Games. The reason behind the popularity of this game is its diverse in-game mechanics. Players can choose from a pool of 21 playable characters, called Agents, each with their own set of abilities. Players can never get enough of Valorant. The shooting, the playstyle, and the graphics of the game deserve all the hype.

But that’s not all which makes this game popular. The sheer size of this game’s cosmetics market is huge. From animated gun skins to melee weapon skins not limited to knives, swords, axes, and even batons, fill this game. The cosmetics of this game have added charm to its unique playstyle. Recently, one of the most anticipated collections, called the Valorant Run It Back collection, was revealed to be released soon.


The Run It Back bundle is a limited-time weapon bundle in Valorant that brings back some of the game’s most popular weapon skins. These skins were previously available in older Acts [a.k.a Valorant’s equivalent of ‘Seasons’] but aren’t anymore. This collection contains not all but at least some of the most bought popular skins. Moreover, players who missed out on the chance to buy them during the previous act can do it now. The bundle typically includes five skins, all for different weapons, taken from different popular limited-time skin bundles.

It allows players to get their hands on skins that they might have missed out on buying in previous Acts. Furthermore, the bundle often includes some of the game’s most popular and sought-after skins. Plus, each skin typically comes with special in-game animations, unique sound effects, and kill banners, making them even more attractive to players. Owing such lavish and sought-after skins gives players an edge to edge on other players in-game. Also, it’s a popular informal Valorant meta that owing good weapon skins makes you good at the game too!

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Valorant’s cosmetics market is one of the biggest in the gaming industry. And this standing attained by Valorant has been done just 3 years of its release. This is a huge feat. Most of the skin available in-game are parts of older collections. Furthermore, these collections were limited-time offers. So, once their time is up, these collections go away, never to return again. There have been some exceptions, though, that are very rare.

But players need not fret. There’s a special way to buy these skins even after their unavailability in the in-game store. It’s through the Valorant Run It Back collection. Moreover, Riot Games has released the latest Run It Back bundle for Valorant players currently. This collection features five unique weapon skins, which are part of certain older collections. The bundle includes the following:

  • Sovereign Marshal
  • Cryostasis Operator
  • Reaver Phantom
  • Neptune Guardian
  • Origin Frenzy

The Sovereign Marshal skin features a sleek white and gold design with intricate details. Cryostasis Operator has a very unique aesthetic where ice gradually comes up on the weapon. The Reaver Phantom skin is one of the most popular phantom skins in the game. Neptune Guardian is quite a beautiful skin for Guardian, a weapon that isn’t amongst the current game meta. The Origin collection in itself is quite a spectacular collection. The main weapon animation for this skin is an infinite loop, which never ends unless prompted by players. The second Run it Back bundle featured the Origin Operator, but this time Origin Frenzy made the cut.


Since all the weapon skins are from different collections, each has its own set of exclusive in-game features, including kill banners and animations.

Players can expect this bundle to drop in the coming weeks. There have been three such bundles in Valorant since its release. These bundles were a successful rollout by the devs, and they’ll continue to do so in the future too! The developers have not confirmed the price for the upcoming Run It Back bundle yet. However, considering the previous price, players can expect it to be around 6000 VP. Furthermore, If you have missed out on buying any of the skins in this list, now is your golden time.

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