Valorant SHATTERED Episode 5 DIMENSION Cinematic is out Ft. Neon, Killjoy, and Reyna

Riot Games dropped the official cinematic trailer of the new Episode 5 on Youtube, read the full article to know more about it!

Valorant SHATTERED Episode 5 DIMENSION Cinematic
Valorant SHATTERED Episode 5 DIMENSION Cinematic

Riot Games dropped a cinematic trailer of the new Valorant Episode 5: DIMENSION it’s called SHATTERED. The video features Reyna, Killjoy, and Neon entering the Omega Earth which is parallel earth just like their earth.

Every time Riot dropped a cinematic video to keep up the hype between the fans of upcoming new updates like New map, New agent introduction, and all. This time Episode 5 Act 1 is dropping on 22 June 2022 featuring the new map “Pearl”, new skin bundles, and more.

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Valorant SHATTERED Episode 5 Cinematic introduction of Omega Earth

Valorant SHATTERED Episode 5 DIMENSION Cinematic
Valorant new map “Pearl” Omega Earth

The trailer basically introduction of Omega Earth’s cities, it’s a parallel world to earth one. The trailer starts with the portal opening in the bunker, from the portal we can see Neon, Reyna, and Killjoy coming out of it.

From their comms devices, we can hear Brimstone’s voice, he is giving orders to them to take the information of Omega Earth and the comms were disabled due to interference. After this Kingdom Corporation’s soldiers appeared and destroy the portal to trap the three of the agents.

The trailer showcases the agent’s abilities in the middle of the fight Reyna flashes, Neon sprints around the map, and Killjoys bots hack a computer. After the attacks by the soldiers of the Kingdom, Neon and Reyan take the charge to take down while other hand Killjoy goes into the server room where she is taking all types of information from the computer of Omega Earth.

Furthermore, both agents take care of the soldiers one-by-one, and get separated because of this soldiers manages to damage Neon’s body suites which leads to the electric leak from the suite. On the other side, Reyna was divided by the Omega Earth Viper and the long battle gone between both of them at last Reyna is able to damage Viper with a graned, which leads to Viper’s retreat.

Meanwhile, Killjoy completed downloading all the data from the computer where she finds out that this is not a weapon it’s a life support system of Omega Earth. She gave the orders to Neon and Reyna to get out of the fight we are leaving. Neon suddenly goes to meet Killjoy, but Reyna is busy chasing Viper Neon back Reyna to killjoy, and then she ult the entire bunker with her lockdown.

However, from all that shit they ended up in a comic book store, and witness comic books of all valorant agents. And all the three agents from Alpha Earth were quite shocked to see this. Once again we can hear the Brimstones coming, he asked them to come to the location where they are waiting for them, and the trailer ended with the three staring outside of the store where they see the four agents’ statues.

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