Valorant Skins: Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 is reportedly under development

Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 might be the next skin line to Reaver, Ion, Oni, etc. to have 2.0 skin bundle in Valorant.

Valorant Skins: Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 is reportedly under development

Valorant has emerged as one of the most exciting FPS titles in recent years. It’s a good mix of games like Overwatch and CS: GO. In addition to tremendous agent design, Riot Games also introduces very beautiful weapon skins to the game. Even though they are not like CS: GO where you can personalize them, most of them are very unique and clean looking.

Valorant often introduces a 2.0 skinline for already existing popular skins. With the commencement of Episode 6 act 2, Riot Games released the Oni 2.0 skin bundle. It features the most awaited Oni Katana. Riot has received positive feedback from the community regarding Oni 2.0 skin bundle. Now, a reliable insider has revealed that Riot Games might be working to introduce Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle.


Gaia’s Vengeance is another skin line with a great color palette and a good finisher. Here’s everything revealed yet about Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle in Valorant.

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Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle is currently in development in Valorant

 Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle is currently in development in Valorant
(image via Riot Games)

A data miner, VALORANT Leaks, revealed that there’s a file named Ashen2 that can be found in Valorant 6.05 PBE files. For people who don’t know, Ashen is the code name for Gaia’s Vengeance skin bundle.


Later, Mike aka ValorLeaks also revealed that Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 skin bundle is currently in development. Gaia’s Vengeance is a very clean and beautiful skinline devs introduced last year. It is tree-based skin that looks unique. It included skins for:

  • Vandal
  • Marshal
  • Guardian
  • Ghost
  • Melee (Gaia’s Wrath)

Gaia’s Vengence is one of the few skin bundles in which every weapon skin is among the top 10 skins for that particular weapon. The Vandal, Marshal, ghost, Guardian, and Axe all look very sick. Players can expect the 2.0 bundle to feature skins for Phantom, Operator, Sheriff or Frenzy, or a new type of melee. As for the color variants go, Valorant devs might just introduce the skin bundle with the original color as they did with Oni 2.0 and Reaver 2.0. Or, they can add some new color variants, especially a pink variant which the community has been asking for quite a long time.

Like every other 2.0 bundle, it is expected to cost the same as the original bundle. So, players might see a price tag of 7100 VP for the complete bundle. Since we just received the Oni 2.0 bundle, it is very unlikely that Riot Games will go on and release this as the next skin bundle in the Valorant store. However, players can expect this skin to release in a few months. Nonetheless, it is a great pick from devs for the 2.0 skin line and the community will definitely appreciate Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 in Valorant. Until then, grind up to reach a good rank and try out the new agent Gekko in Episode 6 Act 2.


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