“You two are so adorable”: Valorant community pour in heartwarming wishes on TenZ and Kyedae’s engagement

Popular Valorant streamers TenZ and Kyedae announced their engagement on Twitter today sending fans in a frenzy.

Valorant pro TenZ is now engaged with Kyedae
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The official announcement of Kyedae and TenZ’s engagement was enough to break the internet today as the entire Valorant community is thronging the couple’s Twitter post to send their congratulatory wishes.

Considered as the ‘power couple’ of Valorant, Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo and her girlfriend-turned fiancee Kyedae are the household names for Riot Game’s FPS community. The two love birds were often seen together during live streams announcing their relationship publicly but their engagement announcement blew away the mind of the fellow streamers as well as fans.

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TenZ and Kyedae: Power couple of Valorant are officially engaged

"You two are so adorable": Valorant community pour in heartwarming wishes on TenZ and Kyedae's engagement
Couple’s engagement photos

Former CS:GO player TenZ who now plays competitive Valorant for Sentinels and also engages in live streaming his gameplays is considered to be one of the most powerful players of Valorant maintaining a consistent performance throughout different international tournaments.

With his action-packed performances, TenZ has garnered a massive fan following over the recent years. Fans have also been interested to know about the pro player’s personal life ever since he admitted publicly that he is in a relationship with Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko, who is one of the most followed female Valorant streamer.

On August 17th, the couple took to Twitter to announce that they have been engaged for 8 months now and had decided to keep their engagement a ‘secret’. The announcement was made through the beach photographs of the couple with Kydae showing off her ring to everyone.

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Other players such as Asuna, Valkyrae and QuarterJade in the community have started sending their overwhelming love for the couple expressing their happiness on the announcement. Tarik “tarik” Celik, one of the the most popular player jokingly asked Kyedae, “Can I teach the baby how to play Valorant?” to which she replied that she is engaged not pregnant.

Why was the engagement kept a secret?

In her recent YouTube livestream, Kyedae explained why they had decided to keep this engagement a secret for over 8 months. She revealed that TenZ proposed her on 29th December 2021 but both of them agreed that people in social media are “nasty” and due to this, the announcement was postponed.

"You two are so adorable": Valorant community pour in heartwarming wishes on TenZ and Kyedae's engagement
Kydae and TenZ during livestream

She also promised her fans to show the engagement video which as of now, only the couple has seen. While she didn’t speak further on her wedding date, fans are expecting another announcement soon.

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