Valorant Devs reveal the ‘Making’ of Champions 2022 Skin Bundle

Valorant Devs reveal the ‘Making’ of Champions 2022 Skin Bundle

Champions 2022 skin's history and stories

A recent Tweet from Valorant official revealed a series of leaks and behind the scenes for the current premium skin line Champions 2021 edition. The skin which has been a result of perfection had some other plans and contingencies that were later changed by the devs eventually before the release of patch 5.04 and the new Battlepass for episode 5 Act 2.

Let us dive deep to know what the Champions 2022 skin features and what’s the story of this brand new premium skin introduced in Valorant to promote the VCT 2022 second Championships: Istanbul.

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Valorant’s Champions 2022 Skin Inspirations and Edits

Valorant: Champions 2022 Making
The Champions 2022 skin making

The new skin line introduced by Valorant is something to brag about. If you own the Champions 2022 skin bundle or you are planning to surprise your team members with it in a day or two, make sure to grab these ti-bits of amazing intel dropped by Riot Games related to the making of this marvelous skin bundle limited to phantom and the butterfly knife.

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First: The ‘Attention Grabber’ feature in the Champions 2022 phantom has a music effect when killed. This music is originally inspired by Ashinokk’s latest ‘Fire Again Anthem’ of Valorant VCT 2022.

Second: The Champions 2022 Butterfly knife skin originally counted assists as well in the 25-kill cycle to trigger the glowing effect and kill effect increment too. But, the Devs thought that the theme “Champions” does not suit this phenomenon so they reverted it back to 25-kills-only and they do mean, “If you’re a champion, you gotta earn it”.

Third: The Valorant gaming community complained a lot about last year’s champions skin line ‘Vandal skin’ was very late to trigger the Champions easter egg effect so the Devs fixed it this time and the effect triggers instantly after the round ends.


Fourth: The progressive kills ‘kill-effect’ was something that the Developers were working on for over a year! and they also revealed that the ‘Doodle Buds Collection’ was their first try in designing the progressive kill effect in the game.

Fifth: The team which was specifically assigned to design the Champions 2022 skin bundle had to travel the entire world including Los Angeles, Singapore and Montreal. They had to scape the entire landscape to come up with a concept that unites players with not only their nationality but their skills too.

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