Valorant Mobile New leaks, Release Date, and Beta

Valorant Mobile New leaks, Release Date, and Beta

Valorant Mobile version new leaks and release date

The super success of Valorant within a year of launch, Riot Games announce the Valorant mobile version of the game on one-year anniversary on June 2. Its mobile version is under development and in April of the month, some glimpses of the mobile version are now revealed.

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person shooter game just like CS: GO, one team will defend the site and the other team tries to attack the site for planting the bomb. In-game players can choose their own agents with different abilities. The game competitive scene has rapidly grown in recent 2 years and there is a lot to expand in the game.

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Valorant Mobile New leaks

Valorant Mobile New leaks, Release Date, and Beta
Valorant Mobile agent selection screen and lobby screen

In the month of April, there are some screenshots have been revealed on Twitter of the Valorant mobile version this information is given by leaker DannyINTEL and he also said that the testing of the game is still going on in China.

In the images which are leaked on Twitter you can see pictures of the Loading Screen, in-game screenshots also, and most important Mobile UI.

In Screenshot of the agent selection screen photo show that players can only choose a limited agent right now Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Breach, Skye, Sova, and Killjoy, and it is not clear that they gonna more agent until the beta launch.

There is also one screenshot leaked that shows the Quick buy menu inside the game, as you know there is a full buy menu in the PC version. In the screenshot, as you see there is a pair of guns and armor with different price rates, two are just available in 2600 with full armor and gun, and the third one comes with half armor and vandal in 3000 credits.

Valorant Mobile release date

There is no confirmation news posted by Riot on social handles of the mobile version of the game. Woking still going on the game to make it perfect before delivering it to the players to play, and in many regions, testing is going on. The pace of the work is good and in no time you will hear the announcement about the Valorant Mobile version date on Riot Games Twitter handle.

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