Valorant’s Night Market rumoured to return in Episode 5 Act 2

Valorant’s Night Market rumoured to return in Episode 5 Act 2

The next Night Market might come after the VCT ends

The Night Market is one of the most awaited events by Valorant players as this is the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful skins in the game without burning a hole in your wallet.

The event offers discounts on any six skins chosen at random, with the skins rotating regularly while the event is going on. Recent leaks point towards the Night Market making a return to the game on 28th September.

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Night Market rumoured to return to Valorant with the next patch

Valorant's Night Market rumoured to return in Episode 5 Act 2
The event brings heavy discounts on some of the rarer skins in the game

Valorant’s Night Market is a recurring event, which offers users some great discounts on the game’s various premium weapon and melee skins. Users get offered discounted prices on any six randomly chosen skins, with the rarity of the skins and the discount you receive on them depending purely on your luck.

According to leaks, the Night Market returns after the conclusion of the ongoing VCT, on 28 September and will last for two weeks. However, this information hasn’t been corroborated by Riot Games at the time of writing. When active, players can access the Night Market in Valorant by clicking the rectangular icon with a diamond on it which appears next to the Store tab in the game’s interface.

The skins offered to the players could belong to the Select, Deluxe, or Premium tiers, having a non-discounted base price of 875 VP, 1275 VP and 1775 VP respectively. Players are guaranteed to be offered at least two skins belonging to the Premium tier, and cannot receive more than two offers for any particular skin.

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Players should note that weapon skins belonging to the Exclusive and Ultra tiers will not be offered in the Night Market. Other than that, skins from both the Episode 5 Act’s are not a part of the event’s pool yet, with only skin collections released two Acts before the Valorant event being offered to players at a discount.

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